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Hello, any and all --

   Greetings and hallucinations -- or salutations, if you prefer.  In a
joking or perhaps playful mood, I don't think it would be too far off to
refer to Life itself as one grand hallucination.  My dictionary tells me (as
though it could speak) that an hallucination is the perception of something
that really isn't there; and believe it or not, friends, that's my favorite
view of Life: a perception of something that really isn't there, as theta
pretends to be something so that that "something," which is really itself,
can be perceived.  But it has to not-know and pretend that that is not the
case, otherwise -- whoops!  nothing; no life.

   So there, I've said it and I'm glad, and on to other matters.  Two words,
if you please: games condition.  This is another pair of words that Mr.
Hubbard coined to describe certain individuals, people, souls, spirits,
thetans, and/or aggregates or groups who are in a condition called a "games
condition."  To define this, let me say that a games condition is one in
which someone is obsessively and compulsively or automatically involving
others in a game not of their choosing, in which they take on the beingness
of an opponent, an enemy, an opposing force.  And this can be and is quite

   So, just to simplify this even further, a person who is in a games
condition goes around looking for and making or finding opponents and enemies
with which to play a game.  People in this condition are often found to be
antisocial to one degree or another.  They are, so to speak, always looking
for trouble.  They are often claiming to have been harmed or injured, and
attributing opponenthood or enemyhood to those they claim have done the
injuring.  An individual who is heavily enmeshed in being in a games
condition is finding opponents and fighting everywhere; and in ordinary
society we judge such a person to be insane.

   Some such people have become quite famous with their games condition and
their willingness and ability to make enemies and opponents of many.  Some of
our most famous names in this department are Alexander the Great (or
not-so-Great), Rome's famous Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Xerxes, Saladin,
Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, that famous little artist from
Austria Adolf Hitler, and let us not forget Joseph Stalin, etc. etc. etc.  
These are all guys (not gals) who were looking for trouble, looking for
opponents, fighting, playing of the game with the winning of the territory
and the people.

   So as you can plainly see, conquering the world and its peoples is the
sort of thing that appeals to someone who is quite obsessive and compulsively
in a games condition.  This is an area where it makes a lot of good sense for
anyone reading these words to look into their personal collection of
valences, identities, beingnesses, other thetans, etc. etc., and uncover any
people or groups who are in a games condition that one has mistaken for self,
and, using workable technology, handle these areas in such a way so that
their influence ceases to exist for you, the reader

   Such presences will help you to understand a lot about lost loves, lost
friendships, lost groups, .and who or what seems to be your natural opponents
or enemies.

   One of the things that made Scientology's Power Processing, when done
well, so effective was locating and handling a major identity (in one's case)
that was locked back out of present time in a never-ending duel to the death
with some very real opponent or enemy -- a game which the person is still,
but unknowingly, playing out in present time, which makes them and their
actions seem quite crazy or nutty or insane.

   One of the most amazing things is that L. Ron Hubbard really understood
and created technology to handle games conditions and their source or sources
in people, and yet ended up hisselves with an opponents-and-enemies list that
would qualify him as the craziest of crazies, the paranoid of paranoias, the
guy with the biggest organization and games condition of practically anybody
on the planet, as amazing as that sounds.

   Anyway, this understanding of games conditions and who it applies to and
who can be helped by this understanding is a valuable piece of tech, and
provides more answers per moment of auditing time than a lot of other

   Thank you for your kind attention, and I look forward to hearing from
others on this topic.

   As ever,

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