The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Further "In acknowledgment of"
by Phil Spickler
23 Jan 2000

Dear Alan,
      I for one am mightily pleased that you've decided to pick up on and
enlarge upon the tech called Goals Processing, or if you will, Own Goals
Processing.  It was certainly a wild and tempestuous period in the history of
Scientology, and I'm sure that in this moment of time there are many who, if

they care to perform the experiment, would find that their time was well
spent and that the predictions of result, or phenomena if you will, have not
been overstated.

       In my opinion, one of the reasons that Goals Processing got dropped
out of sight was as follows: it's a type of processing that when it's done
really well produces per moment of auditing dramatic amounts of case change
and real benefit to the life and livingness of the recipient; however,
equally and opposite, when it's done poorly, it produces more trouble and
more damage per minute of auditing than just about any other type of
auditing, before and since.

      So in the hands of those who don't use this living lightning very
well, it's sheer murder for the recipient.

      Autobiographically speaking, around 1962 I appeared at the Los Angeles
Organization and received some mind-blowing R2-12.  It was so grand that some
months later, thinking that the sky was the limit, I returned to Los Angeles,
had a different auditor, and things got badly bollixed up, to the point where
I looked physically like someone who had stepped out of a current Hollywood
horror flick that the special effects people had had their way with.

       Quite a few attempts at straightening this out ended badly, and yours
truly was getting somewhat desperate, since I was expected to return to
Tucson, Arizona, where I had been working as the Planning and Scheduling
Engineer for a large outfit on the famous/infamous Titan 2 missile sites (all
18 of them).  I'd been wandering around LA in hopes of finding some old-timer
that might be able to help me out of black despair and worse, and happened to
run into one of my ex's, who took one look at me and said "Come up to my
apartment -- I think I have just the thing for you."

      I was literally clutching at any straws at this time, and about to go
down for the third time, and readily acquiesced to this kind offer.  So there
I was, with my high stuck tone arm, being given the opening questions to a
Purpose Intensive.  A Purpose Intensive, for those who might not recall the
procedure, was simply an 18-button Prepcheck on the subject of Purposes.
Well, as you know, Purpose by any other name may be defined as Goal.

      Here's the bottom line: on about the third button of the intensive, a
rather giant result occurred -- an implant goal, in 3D stereo, which I or
someone had been dramatizing for years blew into view, and blew someone's
mind so thoroughly that quite a few months passed before the dial-wide F/N
floating TA, accompanied by super-good perception and a tremendous amount of
life force and operational ability at my disposal, even modestly diminished.

       This gave me quite a bit of reality on the potentials of Goals
Processing, and just how much theta could be tied up in such areas as entheta
if such things never got looked into and just how small all of this could
keep someone feeling as a human being, and how diminished and suppressed any
of us might be for want of a look at our own goals and the goals of others.

       I think it's also safe to say that an understanding of Goals
Processing also yields an understanding of identities, ownership, and just
what happens to such as we when our purposes get failed and the amazing
revitalization that occurs in a person's life when a stuck or failed purpose
gets handled.  (You can substitute a stuck or failed goal, the words being

    I could go on and on about this, but I'm hoping to hear more from ACW on
these matters and the revivification of the excitement that this subject
inevitably evokes in those who show interest.  Here's hoping there's quite a
bit more to come on the subject at hand.

      All the best,