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I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him.

   In an effort to comfort my uneasy spirit, it often seems that the
distinction between real and imagined is indistinct, and is governed only by
a sense of certainty or uncertainty.  

   Once upon a time in the land of New Jersey, an eastern colony of what
later became the United States of America, there came to pass in Dianetic
auditing experiences of what seemed to be past lives or existences.  The
first understanding of this phenomenon was that this was the result of a
heavily-overcharged case in which engram running was too steep a gradient,
and that being unable to confront the Sturm und Drang, the pain and
unconsciousness, the trauma of real engrams, the person was dubbing in
similar experiences in what seemed to be past lives.

   At the time, this was not considered very good for the preclear, and
somehow it would be necessary, hopefully with the help of the file clerk, if
that function had not been too seriously compromised, to find the correct
gradient, which might range from pleasure moments to very light recall,
Straightwire, possibly lock-scanning, eventually secondary engrams, and if
this was going really well, finally that which would ultimately clear the
person, namely engram running.

   So at that time, 1949-1950, past lives, the idea that you have lived
before this lifetime, etc. etc., was only a Dianetic concern in that it gave
evidence of somehow auditing the pc on too steep a gradient.  

   Many reports came to Ron Hubbard from the field regarding how things were
going with Standard Operating Procedure 1 (Dianetic Clearing), and about
various things that people were trying out to improve clearing possibilities.
Anyhow, quite a bit of information was coming in concerning preclears who
were running material that seemed to be from other lifetimes, and lo and
behold, were also experiencing quite a bit of case gain from this practice.  
And furthermore, it seemed that this material was being arrived at by the
good offices and selections of that function of the mind called the file

   As time-and-a-half went by, it finally became obvious that whether these
past-life incidents were real or imagined, the auditing of them could assist
greatly in Dianetic clearing.  It was true then, and still is true now, that
some preclears who are really not in a condition to run real engrams can and
do "dive for the whole track" (means: go earlier than this lifetime) rather
than face something particularly horrible, and don't get much in the way of
case gain in so doing.  Many people running watered-down versions of
Dianetics, including watered-down versions of Routine 3-R, manage to run many
hours of Dianetics, a form called Standard Dianetics, as so much conceptual
blah without ever handling the real subject matter of Dianetics, meaning

   Some time later it was shown repeatedly and consistently that it was
possible, if done rightly, to have a preclear deliberately invent engrams and
worse, and exercise certain abilities in connection with these inventions or
mock-ups that could and did lead to the state of Clear.

   One of the most interesting things is that when you are auditing a person
on the original form of Dianetics, as described in the book _Dianetics, the
Modern Science of Mental Health_, since the kind of engrams one was looking
for were related to the this-lifetime human physical body, it is well to
remember that every cell in the human body potentially and perhaps actually
carries the entire history of living protoplasm back to its earliest
beginnings, which may go way past Planet Earth --  and who knows just how
far in a galactic or universe-wide sense?  And so, at least in theory, since
Dianetics seems to be more than capable of opening the history books
contained in the cells of the human body, all of the lifetimes and
experiences and all the forms and permutations of protoplasm may start coming
to view, once the overall history book starts to unfold.

   Anyhow, this is just one more possible explanation for what appear to be
past lives and engrammic experiences that cover the entire phylogenetic

   Assuming that auditing is usually done with one purpose or another that
generally has in mind the improvement of an individual's abilities or the
removal of disabilities, I think we're on safe ground, as Mr. Hubbard pointed
out some time ago, if we say that anything that brings about that result
could or should be considered legitimate auditing.  And so whether you run
real engrams, such as birth or conception or prenatal experiences, or whether
you just exercise the preclear's ability to make mock-ups that can be kept
from going away, held still, and made a little more solid, it has been shown
with great certainty that clearing can occur, that illness, spiritual,
mental, and physical, can come to vanish, that abilities previously
unavailable will appear, that great understandings can and do occur, that
out-of-the-body experiences may take place, up to and including
out-of-the-universe experiences, that people become more intelligent, more
alive, more humorous, and on and on and on.  And all of this can be brought
about working with that which is called "real" and with that which is called
"imaginative;"  and yes, the imaginative can become real, just as the real
can sometimes become imaginative.

   And so if you take something like the Scientology grade previously
mentioned known as OT Section III or OT3, it matters little whether it is
real or imaginative, or whether it started out imaginative and became real;
the point being, that OT section was designed to help someone confront and
become more able to confront a certain type of engrammic phenomenon (I shan't
at this time get more specific than that), and when the individual can
confront and handle that particular horror, that particular nightmare, that
particular type of experience and regain the expanded consciousness,
awareness, and theta abilities that go with the mastering of that subject
matter, real or imagined, imagined or real, you will find someone who is in
better shape as a being than they were before tackling that OT section.

   Many people spent way too much time on it, long after they had achieved
the result of becoming familiar with the material and mastering it; and it's
unfortunate that at that time, New Era Dianetics for OTs, commonly called
NOTs, wasn't available, because NOTs is a much greater expansion and
liberating possibility than OT 3.  In fact, OT 3 could be looked upon as just
a very tiny piece of the abilities that NOTs brings about.

   Well, I guess that's enough said about how many ways are there to bring
about improvement for folks.  The tech that leads to finally getting a good
handle in discovering all that someone isn't, and which brings to a large
degree an end to the massive amounts of misownership that are requisite to
being an unaware human being, is very much to Ron Hubbard's credit as a
restatement of the ancient Buddhist maxim or path of discovery that attends
the realization of "That's not me," which at any point may include that which
you would absolutely swear is you.  But more of this in the eternities to

   And so I remain, or, I do not remain.

ps.......Anything that raises the self determinism of the pc while reducing
the charge of the time track...... is valid auditing......... (just about LRH)

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