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Dancing in the dark
by Phil Spickler
9 Aug 99

My dear fellow __________(please fill in the blank),
      Perhaps I should say "Fellow implantees," or "implanters," but that
might not indicate and might not be "true," therefore I won't say it.  I
would, however, like to say there should be a very, very special award for
Alan C. Walter, who was kind enough to both enlighten and entertain us with
great humor as he proceeded to share some marvelous insights about his great
self and Knowledgism.  Thanks again, Alan, for keeping the list alive and

      And now for some dancing in the dark.  Many moons ago, when my hair
was brown and I walked upright, I chanced to hear a talk by one of our most
unforgettable characters, namely L. Ron Hubbard, on the subject of complexity
levels.  My failing gray matter and somewhat less than perfect data retrieval
system will not allow me to repeat this lecture verbatim, but I seem to
remember a few things about it that may prove interesting and also shed some
light on all the different theories about who we are and where we came from
and how we happen to be here.  This light will probably fail to shine, but
having been in the dark so long, I shan't notice the difference.

      Subject: Complexity, a scale that falls away from absolute simplicity,
something on the order of Void, Static, Ultimate Truth, through a vast series
of gradients, each in its own way obscuring utter simplicity, until finally
landing at a level or degree of complexity that completely obscures any
notion of the simple and/or any perception of complete or utter simplicity.

      Each step along this scale could be considered, to one degree or
another, a lie: a lie designed to mask total understanding..

       Now on the other side of all this high-faluting junk, and in the most
simple of terms, you can relate this notion of complexity to a person or a
group, and by using an understanding of the degree of complexity in affairs
that is required by an individual or a group, this being done by obnosis,
observing the obvious, you can, both in auditing and in life, by meeting or
matching this complexity level, establish very, very high reality and all
that goes with that.

      You may have noticed in life a humdinger of a problem hanging around
in some zone or area, and through a fine moment of insight have seen a simple
solution to the problem.  However, when offering it up, you have been met
with very bad indicators and found yourself being pushed in one way or
another to get you out of the scene -- all because the individual or people
you were involved with required  much more complex and difficult solutions
that did not permit or admit of sudden change or the rapid bringing-about of
the end of the problem.  The problem might have provided some particular
group with future activities for years to come, and with good income to go
with it.

       You might imagine that if tomorrow you could announce a cure for any
and all forms of cancer that was quick and simple and inexpensive, that the
whole world would rejoice in your name and discovery.  Well, it's probably
true, there would be a fairly large number of people that would be very happy
about this, if it ever came to market. However, your discovery, your
simplicity, that was about to obliterate one of the most nagging and complex
problems known to personkind in this century would be destroying a very large
and very lucrative business.  Your discovery would end the professional
careers of all the kinds of doctors who have specialized in this form of
medicine, not to speak of the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people
that work in the hospitals and clinics and diagnostic institutions throughout
the world.

     Yes, you would not see the medical fraternity jumping for joy; you
would not be being carried around and given ticker-tape parades through large
cities, hosted by the ecstatic and happy faces of doctors of oncology.
Rather, you would see some of the worst BI's (bad indicators) you've ever
seen, and you and your discovery would probably get relegated to the scrap
heap of quackery, fraud, and other terms too unpleasant to repeat, having
brought such a horrifying threat to all the lives of the people who are
depending upon this disease to provide them with an exalted position in our
society for many decades yet to come.

        Conversely, if through proper channels, and only through proper
channels, you were to offer some extremely complicated and somewhat
successful approach to some form of cancer, your name would probably live in
the annals of that profession.

    Since anyone reading this so far has completely gotten the idea by now,
let's move to the arena of explanations for just about anything, and some of
the humorous differences between complex requirements and the simple.

      At one end of the spectrum, there are some folks regarding existence
who simply perceive it.  At the other end of the spectrum, there absolutely
has to be an explanation for each and every facet of existence, starting with
who and what is responsible for it, all the way down to the lowest
denominator of materialism to be found in physics, sometimes called particle

      Some folks believe that when there's a solar eclipse, a large creature
has swallowed the sun and later on gets indigestion from it and gradually
regurgitates it.  These folks got to that description by having to have an
explanation for why, on a perfectly fine sunny afternoon, it gets dark and
then light again.  Well, we say, circa right now, ha ha ha -- it's really
because the moon gets in the way of the sun's rays for a little while, and
that's our explanation for it.

      Some folks might say that theta has been organizing MEST on Planet
Earth for some time now, and has come up with this pretty fancy creature who
has the temerity to refer to itself as Homo sapiens, and that this evolution
is continuing, possibly indefinitely.  That's of course too simple a
possibility, even though for those familiar with theta-MEST theory it has no
boundaries.  Others require more complex explanations, such as invasion
fleets, prison planets, prisoner-of-war planets, Scientology's famous answer
contained in the never-to-be-revealed OT 3 materials; there's also that nut
named Phil who thinks it's simply the Las Vegas of the relatively near
universe, etc. etc.

      Well, none of this stuff, in our opinion, is either right or wrong --
it's just simply an expression of how complicated a given group or individual
needs to be in order to feel real.  The best thing about this is, instead of
fighting with other folks or groups, you can simply duplicate their
complexity level and they'll become so happy with you they'll try to make you
a charter member of the club and invite you to all of their affairs and
events.  Once you've got the hang of this, you can move in all circles and
enjoy all beingnesses, if and when you yourself become comfortable with the
whole range of complexity and can move around on it at will.

       It also helps to understand why efforts to simplify certain things
often run into such resistance -- no need to take it personally.  It also
helps to understand why complicating certain things can make you far more
popular than you ever hoped to be.  The best case supervisors and auditors
have a good line on this, and tailor their work to the degree of complexity
that the person or group they're working with has mocked themselves up to be.

       There are so many insights in connection with this notion that I
shall close now and leave it to your interest to pursue such matters.

      All the very best, and as ever, -- Phil
P.S.  Forgot to mention that the obsession with the need for explanation goes
with a high degree of complexity in personality, whereas to one who can
simply look at something with perception, all that is, is.  But that's very

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