The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Could this be correct?
by Phil Spickler
24 Jan 2000

      Although Scientology as a philosophy or as a philosophic science
suggests the possibility of full ego-extinction and the notion of ending
further participation in the game of Life as an "I," something that is pretty
much old hat in other Eastern religions and philosophies, most of the
processing, if you wish to take L. Ron Hubbard at his word, is most directly
aimed at helping someone to become a bigger and better player in the games of
life.  So whether you're talking about Dianetics, or NOTs, or Goals
Processing and all the other stuff, as well as the latter-day developments in
some of these things among the FreeZone tech finders, you are mainly talking
about exercises aimed at ensuring that what you're willing to cause and what
you're willing to experience are in a good enough place so that you don't end
up as a victim, a wounded or injured player, someone who has been forced or
had to retire from the game due to real or imagined hurt, or most
embarrassing of all having been reduced to a mere spectator; and I guess,
below that, we might find commentators and criticizers of the game.

       But to be able and willing to play the games that exist in this and
other universes, and to do so by your own choice, and to create games by
being able to create goals and to find others willing to play with you -- ah,
my friends, this is indeed the stuff of Life!  I well understand, since I
often flirt with the following myself, that it's quite possible to get tired
of it all and seek surcease and serenity; but when I am beset by such ideas,
I generally go looking for their sources, and once again find myself able and
willing to play.

     Thanks for listening, and all the best to my fellow players, no matter
what our conditions might be --