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Clear vs. OT continued (continued from the file ClearVsOTs.PJS)
by Phil Spickler
2 July 99

Dear Fellow-Listers,
       Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting on with the
completion of this "fascinating" series, which as you may remember commenced
with my report of an extraordinary visit to another planet far across the
cosmos, a planet called RAELC, which spelled backwards is CLEAR.  And perhaps
the most interesting fact about this planet is that it is a clear planet,
thus giving me an opportunity to experience a dream held by a few people here
on Earth, a chance to see if it's a pleasant dream or in reality a nightmare.

      In my opinion, RAELC is a mixture of both, but given the nature of
existence, this is not really all that surprising.  I'd say one of the
biggest and best bits of information to come from my experiences on RAELC was
the recognition that clearing does not wipe out the wide range of diversity
between peoples and their customs as to what is right and what is wrong, but
does, in large part, increase folks' willingness for that to be the case.

       It seems to me that in around 1966,  L. Ron was shocked at the
behavior of a fairly large number of Clears at St. Hill, England, and started
writing various policies that were, for all intents and purposes, a moral
code for Clears, filled with a bunch of "now I'm supposed to's," which set
the whole idea of clearing back into the Dark Ages and lost for Scientology
as an organization devoted to the idea any further right to the task.

       On the other hand, one of the things that Ron did point out about
Clears, which I think I've lived long enough to verify, is the vast
difference between a Clear who is a well-trained auditor and just a regular
person who has had the clear cognition but is not a trained auditor.  Which
brings us squarely to the point having to do with the subject of this
article, namely, Clear vs. OT.

       It might be said that the state of Clear is a state of beingness, and
at least for awhile might by analogy resemble the calculator in which the
"clear" button has been pressed, which then clears the machine, or the mind,
of all the problems and difficulties that it may have been working on,
incomplete and confused; and now all of that is swept away, and whether we
refer to the machine or the person, that tabula is now rasa, and the person
can now take a fresh uncluttered look at life, a clear look if you will, and
with this new beginning start to really employ to its best advantage the old
definition of intelligence, namely, the ability to perceive, pose and resolve
problems relating to survival.

       Being clear, whether it lasts for a minute or a lifetime, does not,
however, guarantee that the person will have a top-notch comm cycle or
suddenly invent a working transporter (Beam me up, Scotty!), or anything for
that matter other than a much better chance to realize their given
potentials, and even a casual look around this planet and our universe will
reveal that these potentials vary widely from person to person, species to
species, etc. etc. etc.   Therefore, being clear, unless the Clear is already
really pretty great at certain things, will not in passing occasion any great

      It's certainly nice for the person being clear, but in the main is a
state of beingness, and somewhat fragile, particularly here on Earth, where
the Earth mind seems to abhor a vacuum.  That's of course a take-off on the
idea that Nature abhors a vacuum, and in point of fact, a Clear, at least for
awhile, when all that stuff called Mind ceases to be mocked up, is a bit of a
vacuum, and its days are numbered, since it is truly an out-reality.

     Unlike the planet RAELC, planet Earth is where people come who want to
be OTs.  That's right, Operating Thetans, or whatever you want to call 'em:
the keynote of Earth at all times and in all places is operational ability.
It's not as fair and as sweet and as forgiving a place as other places, but
it's just the sort of place where immortals wishing to get away from their
own immortality might come to play.  And to really put this theme to the
test, they would mock up very self-animated and extremely fragile, extremely
mortal pieces (human bodies) to put their wit and ingenuity to the highest
possible and imaginable test.

       What I am attempting to say here is that OT has very little to do
with any notion of being clear.  It might include that state in passing, but
it's quite unnecessary, since the name of the game is not what you can be,
but what you can do, and it is from that that the big payoffs here on Earth
occur.   Of course, states of beingness are included in this idea, because an
OT who can create whatever beingness is requisite to the game at hand, and
then do the best job in the game of creating that beingness, will come under
the heading of "winner."  But whether winning or losing, the keynote is the
game and the playing of it, and "Is the guy in good enough shape for all of

      If however someone has come to this planet as an already-damaged or
severely wounded player, which generally leads to all kinds of considerations
about why games are bad and why there should be no more fighting or
opponents, no more winning or losing, and that we should all enter into the
great age of sweetness and light and turn the world into one gigantic Be-in
-- well, if you go along with that long enough, and the people who espouse
it, or get into one of the numerous movements that claim to be heading in
that direction because it's such a wonderful idea, you will soon find that
these people are playing a game also, and that in their own quiet way they
have singled out their opponents and are certainly fighting with the
intention of winning.  It does seem to be true that since the opposites
prevail at the level of perceivable existence, there will be games and
no-games, which gives all of us the full range of choice.

     Speaking of which, if I had a choice between a clear planet and a
planet of OTs, even though the OT planet might seem quite dangerous,
especially if I were identified with my calling card or piece (the body), and
were further confused by its seeming mortality, I would yet, in my best
moment, choose this extraordinary planet of OTs in vast preference to a clear

       Sometimes in my dream states I even imagine what it would be like if
the people who communicate on the IVy-list were all clear.  With highest
regards to anyone -- Phil

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