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Clears vs. OTs (continued from the file ClearedPlanet2.PJS)
by Phil Spickler
19 June 99

Dear Defined and Undefined (that should catch everyone and no one),
     I'm pleased to report that my earlier observations concerning the
planet RAELC (spelled backwards is Clear) had some depth to them.  I could
see that to get the whole picture  I would need to pay that extremely
interesting location another visit, and just returned to our lovely and
amazing Earth last evening in time to enjoy a wonderful bowl of noodles at
our favorite location on University Avenue in Palo Alto, California.

      RAELC doesn't seem to have any noodle shops of the type that my own
besotted soul craves, although it does have a profusion of wonderful fruit
and vegetable cafes and restaurants that serve a magnificent and diverse fare
for those of us that aspire to the title of "Fructivore" or "vegedor."
Anyhow, more about a clear planet called RAELC.

      It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many Clears that the
state is more or less commonplace.  And it's fortunate that there's a few
aberrees in the form of children, some old folks, and a few who just don't
want to be clear, to create some contrast.  In fact, it's the non-clear
people that tend to really stand out, and they are often questioned by Clears
as to whether they're just pretending to be aberrated, and of course it's
pretty hard for them to maintain a good aberrated state when you've got all
these Clears demanding that they prove it!

     As you can see, it's pretty darned invalidative, and many of these
people complain, justifiably, that whether they like it or not they kind of
get keyed out (it's the contagion of Clear!)  Of course, here on Planet Earth
it's just the other way around.  Everyone is wonderfully aberrated, and
there's just a few Clears who are about as scarce as hen's teeth, and find it
very very difficult indeed to maintain as Clears, particularly since their
requirements for ARC bring them into almost constant contact with aberrated
folk, and before you know it, through good old-fashioned ARC they end up
acting aberrated again.

     Well, this is one of the things that being on RAELC helped me to see
and understand better.  Of course, the Earth people haven't made it a crime
(as yet) to be clear, but they don't show the state a lot of respect, nor do
most aberrated people have very much reality on what it would be and why it
would be desirable.  Yes, it's a pretty funny feeling to find so many Clears
everywhere that the state is commonplace and people only pay some attention
to it when some contrast to it shows up.  But the majority of RAELCians on a
day-to-day basis treat it much the way folks treat their health, which is to
say, unless something's wrong with it, they take it for granted.

      So if someone checks out Clear for the first time, or they get the
state rehabbed, there's no fireworks or success stories or parades downtown,
or people running around beaming and making a big fuss over it -- it's just
normal.  Of course, if it's something like a political figure who gets so
clear that he or she decides to tell the truth, which is of course the
instantaneous end of their political career, that will usually get some
attention.  But this calls into question if something was done to screw up
the person's notion of basic personality.

       Now one of the things that I think you'll find that's interesting
about RAELC is that the folks there, through centuries of experience, know
that anybody, irrespective of basic personality, and as long as it's not
subjected to moral codes, such as "It's right (or wrong) to be that way,"
that just anybody can be clear if they want to be.  This seemed to me to be a
very enlightened approach to the subject, and quite different from what I
found to be the case in Dianetics and
Scientology here on Earth.

     And just to get really particular about this , let's take the attitudes
that were written into these subjects by the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and
then enacted into written and unwritten law within the Church of Scientology
and its practices.  What I'm talking about here, of course, is homosexuality.
(I'll use that term instead of gay and lesbian because it's just a word that
has a very obvious meaning, or if it doesn't look it up in a dictionary.)

       Anyway, on RAELC, homosexuality is recognized as an aspect of
existence that is as much a given as is skin color, heterosexuality, and a
fairly large number of human facets that are not directly under volitional
control, and therefore, we find on this lovely planet that the vast majority
of males and females that are homosexual are also clear.  And many of these
folks are outstanding representatives of the human race in all aspects of
human endeavor.

      Now I don't know exactly what happened to Ron Hubbard on this subject,
but I guess, and this is just an opinion, that he had failed to notice
society's extremely suppressive, oppresssive and repressive effect on
homosexuals and its demands that they stay in the closet, even through their
formative years in their families and schools, and that any discovery of this
state would bring about severe and frightening forms of retaliation.  And
then of course when the psychiatrists were kind enough to classify
homosexuality as a perversion, and the many states that carried laws with
severe penalties for anyone engaging in such conduct, you could say that the
final nails were driven into the mental health of such people.

      Well, old Ron didn't seem to take that into account when he went
through the litany of horrible prenatal activities that would have to be
engaged in in order for someone to come into this world as a homosexual -- he
just seemed to have a mindset that couldn't understand the possibility or see
it as anything but extremely aberrated.  I understand that the Church of
Scientology finally reached its lowest point by denying its services to
anyone that had the temerity to practice homosexuality, and so the black
shadow left by its founder continues as the Church aligns itself with the
worst-thinking of the TV pastors that represent the religious right and the
moral majority.

     And so it turns out, once again, that if the space is safe, the
possibilities of great enlightenment for any given person are large,and I
think Alan Walter took a good shot at this with his writing and courses
regarding cultural de-programming.  So I think that the word, if it hasn't
already gone out, should be that gay and lesbian human beings can very
handily be cleared, and their clearing has nothing to do with their sexual
inclinations, and that these inclinations should not be regarded as
aberrations or crimes.

      To the degree that homosexuals all over this country have in the past
couple of decades experienced some relief from the terrors of the so-called
straight society, we find many of these folks leading and living what might
be called a high-toned normal existence.  Many lesbian women are availing
themselves quite openly of motherhood, and doing a darn good job at it.  And
from all reports that I have had, gay men can and do make wonderful fathers,
when they choose to have children.  As an extremely perceptive gay man
pointed out on a recent PBS show in this area, almost all homosexuals to date
have been raised in straight families, and most lesbian and gay folks that
engage in parenthood have straight children.  That's a bit of a "wow", isn't

       But anyway, coming back to RAELC, they don't have anything like
homophobia, and have made the case that clearing is possible for anyone that
wants it and hasn't spent too much time getting their frontal lobes detached
or being given too many courses of shock treatment; but even then, most
RAELCians would say, "Let's give it a try!"

        Now then, for those of us that that have been around for a long
time, and in some cases perhaps too long a time, it's been interesting to see
the effect of auditing, particularly clearing, on what was first called in
Dianetics the 2nd Dynamic, which was confined at that time to love and
procreation between sometimes-consenting heterosexuals.  The 2D on RAELC is
quite a bit different than it is here on Earth -- RAELCians, before forming
mating pacts that are supposed to last under one god or another forever, or
in the mortal sense until death shall sunder such things, are clear before
they get into such permanent relationships, and therefore, unlike here on
Earth, their relationships don't blow sky-high the minute one or both of the
partners starts getting clear.

      Yes, here on Earth, it's both a somewhat sad and amazing thing, that
auditing and clearing have often had a pretty devastating effect on the
condition known as marriage.  It reached sucn an intensity when mass clearing
was going on, I believe in the summer of 1966 at St. Hill England, that
marriages were dissolving at such an alarming rate that Ron had to step in
and write some policies and orders having to do with Right and Wrong in order
to slow down or stop what was happening.  This caused quite a shock for
people both in the scene and outside of it who had assumed that the State of
Clear, or getting clear, would ensure the longevity of lifetime marriage
agreements that were formed while the people were aberrated.

      I fear going all the way back to Dianetics, Book I, since Clear was
supposed to have a wonderful effect on the first 4 dynamics, there had been
an ongoing misconception that didn't take into account just how a Clear might
reconstruct those dynamics, and so yes, here on Earth at least, auditing and
clearing often had what some would consider to be a destructive or negative
effect on existing dynamics, praticularly the second dynamic.

       The way the 2nd Dynamic is constructed here on Earth, with extremely
heavy moral imperatives that have come down from the oft-abused
Judeo-Christian tradition, it is no wonder that when the breath of light and
freedom is breathed into many marriages, and the folks in them, one or both,
get an appreciation of what this enforced agreement has been doing to their
best possibilities, and the state of continuous two-flow harm that goes on,
not to speak of its effects on children, most folks waking up will readily
agree that this is not what they had hoped for.  To wit, once the stigma of
divorce was eradicated to a large degree, the divorce rate, particularly in
the United States, went out the roof as the slaves were given freedom for the
first time.  Naturally, when a giant stable datum, even one that is quite
suppressive, is lifted off of the people with no gradient, there is going to
be mass confusion and wildness for awhile, and then folks will find new
stable data, hopefullly ones that are more rational and that fit the
creatures involved, and we are starting to see just that in the marriage
customs as we approach the millennium and my spies report that the divorce
rate has sunk quite a bit from its exceptional earlier heights.

        Love, sex, procreation and the rearing of children on RAELC is much
closer in principle and underlying philosophy to the customs of the
Polynesian people as described, real or imagined, by anthropologists like
Malinowski and that amazing giant of perception Margaret Mead.  Mating
contracts on RAELC,  or what we would call marriage, is a much lighter and
loving affair, with God, religion, and state morality pretty much left out of
it, and because of that often endures in a most loving and uplifting way,
since the people are not enslaved to the idea.  Children, of course, are
considered precious by everyone, and it's not uncommon for children to
consider that they have many parents and many families that they can easily
and freely enjoy being in.  This in itself is a giant step toward clearing
for young people, because they don't suffer from the nightmare feeling of
having only one papa and one mama and one set ofsiblings.  And as you my dear
readers know, when you have only one of something, its scarcity and
importance make it all too easy to become a highly charged and aberrated

      Thus our Western-designed monogamy has resulted in tens of thousands
of very happy and wealthy therapy professionals trying to help millions and
millions of people sort out the never-endng difficulties that resulted from
their relationships with dear old Mom and Pop and their siblings.   RAELCians
have some of this problem, but next to nothing compared to the United States,
and since their relationships are not enforced by the worst of human
aberrations and insane religious conventions and convictions, things proceed
with a degree of love and beauty in these areas that those folks like Henry
Adams who visited the South Seas before those magnificent disease-carrying
Christians got there in time to see what unwarped love, affection and beauty
actually look like.

       But as you can see I've gotten carried away in this chapter on RAELC,
and haven't left myself any time or space in which to discuss Clears vs. OTs,
nor have I touched upon some of the other fascinating aspects, both positive
and negative, of a clear planet.  Thus, like it or not, you'll be hearing
from me again -- Love, Phil

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