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Subject: IVySubs: Into the Valley of Cyberspace rode the 100 odd (or the odd
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Greetings, fellow listers, and I hope listeners --
  If there were to be a search amongst all of the people on and of the IVy
subscribers list to find who was indeed the most odd, or the oddest, I fancy
that I would win that title hands down. Only part of just how odd I am and
can be has ever been revealed to this list; the rest has been withheld, to
avoid damaging more gentle souls. This condition is also referred to in
certain circles as "OT-X."

  But to go from the sublime to the ridiculous in one fell swoop, what I
really would like to talk about this evening is Clear Procedure 1958, or the
1958 Clear Procedure. I've already in previous postings made some mention of
the procedure, starting with the posting that was entitled "Is ARC still
popular? . . . it must be." Anyhow, and historically, the procedure was
researched by Ron with the help of a past-famous Scientologist by the name of
John Galusha, and was expertly delivered and proven to be workable by a
still-living and quite amazing auditor by the name of John Sanborn, who
having worked at Pubs Org (the Publications Organization) in Denmark, may be
known to our list Admin Antony Phillips.

  The clearing procedure is a marvel of simplicity, and I firmly believe
that any auditor who can create a safe auditing space or environment, and who
can stand the idea of another person becoming, or going, Clear, can make what
follows work. To begin with, using an objective process such as
Start-Change-Stop in order to determine if the preclear can actually receive
and carry out a question or a command is one of the necessary steps in this
procedure. It's sometimes hard to believe that the simplicity of having
someone start, change, and stop a body can, if done well, produce quite a few
marvelous results, ranging from the pc becoming certain of self as a being to
gaining much better control over that life form called the body, and improve
over a wide range of pc's activities the ability to start, to change, and to
stop, knowingly and causatively. And yes, it's true, you're actually taking
giant steps toward making an Operating Thetan before you even get around to
clearing the chap.

  It's essential when running Start, Change, and Stop to keep the pc's
havingness repaired throughout the procedure, since that particular process
often re- acquaints the pc with his native state of nothingness and can
easily cause the chap to become uncomfortable or even cave in if you fail to
keep havingness repaired, up to and including a full remedy.

  Well, you run an objective procedure long enough for your pc to have some
good wins and long enough to know that the pc is willing to have you control
his or her attention and the comm cycle, and that the pc can visibly
demonstrate an ability and willingness to actually and objectively follow a
command or answer a question. And this must be certain if the rest of the
procedure is going to work.
  If memory serves me correctly, the next step in the direction of Clear is
to introduce Help, defined as "aid or assistance." And then, using Help in
various question forms that express at least four flows and beyond, run Help
on this pc until any and all reservations, inhibitions, suppressions,
withholds of help, are handled to a point where the person is willing and
able to express help on all the flows and concerning a wide range of
possibilities on the eight dynamics.
  As was pointed out by Mr. Hubbard, Help in itself is a flow, and when a
lot of the preclear's case is converted to flows rather than ridges and other
large solidified areas of energy, it is again necessary to keep the
preclear's havingness repaired and remedied as often as is necessary, 'cause
you're now converting a lot of the mass that the preclear has considered to
be himself for gosh knows how long into energy. All kinds of things are
vanishing and disappearing and blowing and leaving and departing and turning
into nothing, so you have to more than ever be attentive to the preclear's
havingness, gradiently familiarizing him or her with being comfortable with
the idea of less mass. Yes, a lot of what has defined your pc up until now
has been the sense or feeling of mass, of pressure, of solidity that has been
mistaken for or considered to be true identity.

  This procedure is well-monitored by having your pc hooked up to an
E-meter, and a lot of the meter phenomena plus your own obnosis of the pc
will make it possible for you to determine when to repair and/or remedy
havingness, and to have a positive indicator of the conversion of mass to
energy that is taking place in front of you.

  If the Help part of the Clear Procedure is done beautifully, and it
should be and must be, your pc will be pretty close to being clear, so that
the next and final step will finish the job. Lest I leave it out, the
Havingness that goes with the Help portion of the procedure goes by the name
of Connectedness, and in its simplest form is "Get the idea of making that
______ (a physical object, animate or inanimate, anywhere) connect with you."
This simple Havingness process is another piece of dynamite, and will take
your pc through many levels of understanding of such things as ideas and what
is meant by the word "you," as Help and Havingness proceed in a happy

  Finally we come to the finale of the clearing procedure, which is called,
for some reason or another, Step 6.  Step 6 is a mock-up process in which
you have the pc take an object, a simple form, something he/she can mock up,
and then in six positions around the pc's body, one position at a time, the
pc is asked to mock up the _____ and keep it from going away. Sounds
pretty simple, and it is. Here you are, having your pc create, or mock up,
an object, say for example a sphere, at any distance the pc wishes this
mock-up to be from the body, and when he's got the object in position, you
complete the command by telling him to "Keep it from going away."

  When the pc actually does that, there is a classic needle motion on the
E-meter, usually accompanied by the pc saying that he's done it. Now that
time spent on Start-Change-Stop is paying off, because although you may not
be able to perceive exactly what the pc is doing, with the help of the meter
and your pc's certainly of execution, it's happening. And you're now having
him do something that most thetans do automatically, unconsciously,
obsessively and continuously, which is to keep mock-ups, all manner of things
in the physical universe and other beings, from going away.

  So a command sequence would be something like this: "Above the body, mock
up a _______ (pause to let the pc do it), and keep it from going away."
Very, very occasionally you might ask the pc, just to help said pc reinforce
certainty, "Did you keep it from going away?"

  OK -- so this is done in six positions around the pc's human body. The
positions are above the body, below the body, in front of the body, behind
the body, to the left of the body and to the right of the body. Quite a few
things may happen while doing this process, and even though there are two
more steps to it, your pc might become quite clear just sitting there right
in front of you doing this process. There are certain meter phenomena as
well as pc indicators that will help to determine if this is the case. But
assuming that one reaches a flat point using the various definitions that
exist to let an auditor know when a pc has reached a flat point on a given
process, the next step would be to continue the process, but instead of
saying "Keep it from going away," you would say, "Hold it still." "Behind
the body, mock up a _______ (pause) and hold it still."

  And then finally, if your pc isn't clear and it's possible to continue
the procedure in that or another session, you will be running "Below that
body, mock up a _____ . . . . and make it a little more solid." And so now
you have been running your pc on the big three -- the three thetan
compulsions that keep the pc's case intact: keeping it from going away,
holding it still, and making it a little more solid. And you want to keep
drilling the pc on these three obsessions until they cease to be
automaticities, at which point you will have a Clear. It doesn't necessarily
happen in one session; it may be necessary to pick a different object to have
the pc mock up that has a deeper significance for the pc; but one continues
to work on these three automaticities until they are no longer
automaticities, and along the way, quite a bit of amazing and interesting
originations and phenomena will usually take place on the road to Clear.

  When you do finally get there you'll have one of the more spectacular
Clears in that you will have made a Help Clear -- someone whose clarity will
stand out amazingly because of their willingness and ability to promote aid
and assistance or help on all flows across all dynamics, and such a person is
an enormous gift to humanity.

  In a further posting, I'd like to talk a little bit about what happened
that seemed to diminish that state of Clear, and an understanding of what
would rehabilitate it: something that I previously referred to as the NOTs
effect. But enough entertainment for this evening -- I bid you a fond and
temporary farewell.

  -- The Odd Man Out
P.S. -- I almost forgot, but will mention in the next post, namely, how to
go clear without any processing whatsoever, in other words, how to live your
way to clear, as described in 1958 by L. Ron Hubbard and achieved by at least
two South Africans who appeared in Washington, D.C. for the 1958 Freedom
Congress and checked out by L. Ron Hubbard himself as Clear as could be.  

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