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A cleared planet, part 2  (continued from the file NeverBelieveIt.PJS)
by Phil Spickler
9 June 99

Dearest Readers, and fellow members of the famed and famous IVy list,
      Thus continues the journal of my experiences on the planet called
RAELC, which to my pleasure and surprise spelled backwards is CLEAR!

      Anyway, and historically speaking, the idea of a clear planet, namely
a planet whose people are clear, I think first came to my attention somewhere
along the Scientology track.  If my failing memory serves me correctly, the
idea of a Clear Earth was not around in the early years of Dianetics, when
such possibilities may have been at their greatest point.

       But anyway, and perhaps unfortunately, it became a GOAL, first
established and later picked up as the primary goal of the Church of
Scientology and I'm sure for those of you that know about goals and what they
can engender, you can possibly see where quite a bit if not all of the
resistance to that goal must necessarily come from.

      One of the nice things about Dianetic clearing here on Earth was that
it had such simple hopes for any given human being reaching such a point:
things like "Run basic-basic and blow the rest of the track from there to
present time and Bango, you've got a Clear who is no longer behaving in the
automatic way that unknown recordings filled with pain and unconsciousness
have dictated in the past," which really took quite a shot at giving a human
being a chance to actually climb out of the sludge of so much
stimulus-response stuff and be capable of being analytical, or rational.

      Anyhow, that Ron, in his early and more infinite wisdom, conceived
that each person had something called B.P., which stood for Basic
Personality, and that basic personaity was unique and different for every
human being, and that when you cleared a person, that would make it possible
for basic personality to fully express itself across each of the first 4
dynamics in the most optimum way.

      I would say that an analogy to basic personality exists in the idea of
the Codes as expressed in Knowledgism, and I think it is quite true that when
a person is freed up to be what they feel they really are, they inevitably do
become a powerhouse of activity and accomplishment.  However, if you'll
remember, a cleared cannibal does not stop eating missionaries and others who
look like they might make a good first course at a barbecue or sliced cold
for lunch; it just means that he'll be really good at it and have a lot of
wins in the area.  People like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein and Milosevic
and others too numerous to mention would not become goody two-shoes or
theety-weeties or sweetness-and-light folks from clearing -- they would just
become more successful in the things that they are best at accomplishing, and
would probably not end up hanging by their heels or taking poison in bunkers
or bring their countries to such horrifying rack and ruin.

     So what I'm getting at is, there were no built-in moral codes or rights
and wrongs about what a cleared person should be like -- it was just a case
of getting the guy back to being his own control center, restoring his
ability to be self- and pan-determined, and to be a lot more of what he
already is. (Forgive me for using "he" so much; it should be "he/she" or "it"
or whatever, this is not meant to say that the only Clears are dictatorial
cannibals of the male variety.)

     Anyhow, the whole idea of clearing gets subverted if you start
conceiving of it in some favored way that is then required by those getting
cleared to be or act like.  What I'm saying is a Clear doesn't have to be a
nice guy by somebody else's standards.  And I hope that this point has been
well made, because it's probably got a lot to do with problems that have been
experienced by Clears in the past.

       But anyway, back to planet RAELC, where I had at first thought, "My
goodness!  This is going to be the Garden of Eden, the place where the grass
is truly greener on the other side of the cosmos, etc. etc.," but here's some
of the things I noticed on this planet that might come across as negatives
for the idea of a clear planet.  First and foremost is that nobody gets to go
around on this planet and not be clear, and maintaining everybody in such a
way that they could check out and agree that they are Clear is a giant task,
because as I may have previously mentioned, lots of folks report in and their
complaint is, "I got up this morning and I don't feel Clear!"

     So this is a complaint that probably strikes everybody more than a few
times during their life, and therefore there are gigantic facilities for
helping to handle this complaint.  Furthermore, it's more or less against the
law not to be clear, especially if you just decide you don't care about that
anymore -- other Clears will notice this, and if you don't do something about
it, they're required to turn you in to get you fixed up.  Some people falsely
attest to being Clear, or pretend to be Clear when they're really not, and
this is indeed a very serious crime on the clear planet, and if you're
discovered or apprehended faking it, or falsifying your state, you can get
into a whole lot of trouble, analogous to crimes here on Earth like perjury
and fraud and so on, and there are of course some pretty harsh penalties for
this sort of behavior.

      Another area that was of some interest to me in particular was, what
about people who grow old or get sick or die, as it relates to being Clear?
Obviously, if your body is pretty sick, it can certainly influence being
Clear, especially since pain is supposed to be the single source of
aberration, and I think anybody that's ever been in extreme pain for any
length of time will agreee that it's pretty darned hard to stay Clear when
you're hurting really badly.

       Well, here on the planet called RAELC, it's pretty well understood
that if people live long enough for their bodies to get into deterioration
and pain and suffering and various stages of dying up to and including death
itself, that such people should be excused from having to be clear all the
time;  they seem to really understand that, and they're quite compassionate
about it, and such folks aren't cast aside and put in the junk heap but are
valued for their history and their lives and they don't look upon getting old
and possibly ill as some kind of a social crime.  I thought that was quite a

      Another plus-point, in my opinion, on this planet, is they understand
this thing about basic personality and the individual differences in Clears,
so that there's still a whole range for example of things like intelligence
and ability that are in keeping with each person's endowment.  Thus the whole
political spectrum, from what we call the far left to the far right, with
most folks somewhere in between, is in full expression on the planet, and if
you think we're passionate about politics, you ought to see what it's like
for a whole bunch of Clears to get going on this subject.

      And of course they have many of the same problems we do, because they
have Clears representing all sides of the coin in every aspect of human
existence, and thus there are no sort of phony utopian efforts to imagine
that even among Clears, the opposites wouldn't arise together -- they really
do, and folks on Earth would probably be shocked at the horsepower that goes
on in making the history of RAELC come about.  They've had people arise now
and then in their history who would say things like "All the people of our
planet are Clear, and therefore they should have no differences of opinion
about things, and they shouldn't enjoy occasionally playing sort of rough
games with one another," but these people are gathered up and with the help
of some of the more advanced clearing techniques and certain courses in
philosophy, are finally able to let go of this notion that a clear world
somehow means one that's in a continuous state of peaceableness.

     Folks on this planet have a better grasp on things like keeping their
population in a position where the planet and their technology can easily and
pleasantly support it, because although there are religious Clears, even
people that are given to such ideas are prone not to make any extravagantly
foolish claims on behalf of any particular deity on the subject of human
reproduction, and that's a relief.

      I'd say, too, that the people on this planet are, by and large,
somewhat healthier than folks here on Earth, and that has a lot to do with
giving basic personality a chance to survive, as well as folks taking a lot
more responsibility for their physical health instead of putting it into the
hands of business-oriented medical body-mechanics.  Kids, just like here on
Earth, are somewhat of a problem, and clearing is not forced on them, and
some of them, as I've previously mentioned, grow up in sucg a way that they
don't want to be like their parents, and they're eventually shipped here to
Earth or some other place where clearing isn't nearly as popular.  Some folks
have said they'd like to abjure the practice of doing that, and set up a
country ('cause they've got plenty of room on this planet) for people who
don't want to be clear but might eventually decide to, and hopefully remain
in semi-cordial relationships with this aberrated country.

     Being Clear a lot of the time gives folks a chance to settle into the
state, and since just about everybody around is that way, nobody finds
themselves in the kind of freak circus that the few Clears that have existed
on Earth found themselves in, where all sorts of non-cleared people and
groups were demanding that folks prove they were Clear and if they couldn't
to the satisfaction of fairly aberrated people they got treated like phonies.

       If you popped into this planet RAELC and you didn't know that it was
a clear planet, you'd probably think at first "Well for goodness sakes --
whoever these people are, they're just like people are here on Earth!"  I'm
going to close this chapter of the journal and hope that you will ponder that
last sentence for its secret meaning.

        All the best, Phil
P.S.  There may be, if necessary, one more chapter to this journal.

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