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From: PJSpickler@aol.com
Date: Tues. 15 April 2003 21:47:02 EST
Subject: IVySubs: Some very poor ideas

Good morning, wherever you are!

   Since I periodically get very tired of and completely fed up with the
idea of being "me," and in an effort to slip in the direction not being "me."
I take every idea that I would normally call "me" thinking or speaking and
ask the good old-fashioned Straightwire question, "Who's thinking that?" or
"Who's asking that?" or some such question that intends to find some other
source, identity, valence, whatever, that's got that viewpoint.  This is a
very old Dianetic approach that later became, in a more fancified form, the
heart and soul of New Era Dianetics for OTs, called NOTs.  This approach is
not popular with anyone wishing to own every thought, emotion, effort, etc.,
that appears in their vicinity, and in truth, if someone is looking for a
game with opponents and fighting, this is not a recommended approach, because
it's far too pan-determined to support perception as modified by pairs of
opposites such as right and wrong, good and bad, etc. etc.

   I'll finish this off with another Dianetic approach to world events and
the possibility of someone, anyone, being restimulated by them.  I was
recently chatting with someone who was quite visibly disturbed, upset, angry,
apprehensive, worried, disgusted, etc. etc., about the United States
attacking a sovereign nation with a dictator, a fellow member of the United
Nations, in violation of the United Nations charter that the United States
has subscribed to and sworn to uphold.  I asked the person if they'd be
willing to allow me to handle the way they were feeling from an old Dianetic
perspective, and they seemed quite willing.

   So what I proceeded to do was to treat the Iraqi incident as the top lock
(key-in) of a long chain of events on Planet Earth having to do with
aggression, war, death, inhumanity of persons to persons -- something that
most of us are quite familiar with, if we were old enough to be alive in the
20th century.

   Well anyway, as soon as I asked the person for an earlier incident on
this chain, it was amazing and gratifying to see after awhile where the real
charge, the real upset, where the heavy disturbance was coming from, as the
person eventually reached a basic, certainly not basic-basic, but basic
enough to have the chain key out; in other words, go out of restimulation so
that the person could now view the Iraqi incident quite analytically, which
made quite a difference, both in their personal life and in the larger
Earth-mind, by taking an area of enturbulation and de-enturbulating it.

   And finally, using regular Straightwire, NOTs-style, on another fellow
pre-OT, and simply addressing and handling all the valences or entities or
personalities or sources that were connected to this person and that were
keyed in or restimulated by the Iraq incident, and handling each of these
souls or groups of souls to a very happy blown-out state, change was easily
and quickly accomplished and created quite a bit of relief and the ability to
clearly perceive a much larger dimension over a much greater time span than
the immediate PT fourth-dynamic engram that has been taking place in Iraq,
which in many respects is a pretty tiny event or incident, compared to things
as recent as the events of the 20th century.

   So this is my poor offering, poor thoughts, about these matters.  I hope
at least one kind soul has something to say about the content of this
posting.   Good night and sweet dreams -- may they be yours.