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Subject: IVySubs: Cognitions, bognitions, and other amusements
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Good evening -- what follows is dedicated to past, present, and hopefully
future IVy subscribers:
  One of the virtues of living in the generous confines of a fairly
prestigious university is that along with its many symbiotes it is almost
always engaged in pushing the frontiers of medical science to newer and even
greater miraculous possibilities. This may in the long run turn out to be a
double-edged sword, which in a freaky sense may work in the direction of
making Planet Earth less habitable than it is now; or on the other edge of
the sword, humankind may use this knowledge to re-perfect the planetary

  Many of the possibilities are so interesting and exciting, in many fleld
of human endeavor, that it makes sticking around to see what's going to
happen next much more interesting than the next installment of your favorite
TV sitcom or soap opera -- not that anyone on the IVy list would ever be
caught watching trivial TV!

  Anyhow, as mentioned in my last posting, life has once again been breathed
into my corpus delicious, and this newfound energy has now become
sublimated (a Freudian term) into writing to and for the IVy list. Looking
at a dictionary, the word "cognition" has some connection with Latin
"cognitio," knowledge; also, "the process of knowing in the broadest sense,
including perception, memory, and judgment." And as many of you know,
reaching cognition in Scientology processing was a most important outcome, as
well as a signal of the end phenomena of any given process or procedure. As
an auditor or as a preclear, it was always a great pleasure when, somewhere
along the line in session, a fellow being would cognite, or have a cognition
-- sometimes a very big one.

  And as this cognition or knowingness or degree of understanding would
unfold for the being, you could see all the component parts of understanding
(affinity, reality, and communication) zoom out the roof, and if someone was
hooked up to an E-meter, you could observe for a fact that phenomenon known
as a floating needle; and if the cognition was big enough for a lot of mental
mass and/or other beings to leave the vicinity in a happy state, you could
even get something called a "persistent floating needle." And all of this of
course was evidence that the person had truly increased their degree of
understanding, their degree of cognition, their degree of knowingness, and in
Buddhist terms may have achieved enough enlightenment, enough sense of what
the "cognitee" really is, enough conception of mind essence, to have achieved
satori (a Japanese word for being blown completely out of your thinking mind)
-- WOW!

  It's also possible for people to have cognitions outside of auditing
rooms, outside of Dianetics and Scientology, outside of all the therapies,
religions, spiritual and mental treatments that have ever existed. The
person might just be making a bed in a cabin high in the mountains and
listening to a stream of water making pretty rippling sounds as it flowed
gently by the cabin, and to be hearing some birds singing, and certain
patches of sunlight and shadow in the person's perception, and said person
might at that moment become very enlightened, have a major mind-blowing
nonverbal realization, become Clear, etc. etc. etc., all without anyone ever
saying, "This is the session."

  What happens to people after they have major mind-blowing cognitions,
which now afford them a much greater understanding, much greater perception
and insight, is an interesting subject in itself. Another thing about these
cognitions is, they are intensely pleasurable, spiritually, mentally, and
physically -- terrifically pleasant. In other words, they produce a
tremendous "high." The Orientals, thousands of years ago, learned that
people, people such as thee and me, can become addicted to spiritual highs,
in much the same way that people become addicted to some of the spectacular
highs that different drugs make possible. So it's fairly important, unless
you wish to spend a great deal of time and money pursuing bigger cognitions
and bigger highs, to practice non-attachment to these momentous events, to
treat them with insousciance, and avoid the beingness of someone who is
overwhelmed by coming closer through cognition to what one really is, versus
what for a long time one has thought one is.

  Unfortunately, most of the speedy express-trip systems that now abound
for getting folks to big cognitions without any delay have very little
philosophy to offer folks to help them to understand their understanding.

  But enough! More to follow in Part 2 of this 1-billion-part essay, in
which I think we're all going to have a lot of fun looking at the subject of
"bognitions" and the important part they play in keeping us convinced that we
are what we aren't.
  Best wishes and good evening --

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Subject: IVySubs: Cogs and bogs, part 2 of 1 billion
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Dear Fellow-listers,
  I come to you this evening with many thanks to the kind few that
acknowledged Part 1 of this sub-magnum opus. Having put some of my
exceedingly small number of attention units on the subject of cognitions, I
(or someone) has rediscovered quite a large cache of past cognitions that
have been piling up for the past 50 years. That's right, I said 50 years,
'cause the magic started happening in 1952 -- seems like only yesterday,
although I have to admit that my body was a bit leaner.

  Anyway, and all kidding aside, I thought I might go into the business of
selling some of my surplus cognitions, for a reasonable price, to anyone
that's short in that department or would like to get their hands,
metaphorically speaking, on some of my more amazing cognitions. Anyway, if
you send a self-addressed and stamped postcard to me at this address, plus 25
cents American, I'll be happy to return your postcard with a cognition
carefully handwritten upon it. I don't mean to overcharge anyone, so I would
probably be willing to accept less than $0.25, up to and including zero.

  All right -- that takes care of the serious part of tonight's communique;
and now for some light-hearted silliness.

  Back in the 20th century, in the year 1952 or thereabouts, L. Ron Hubbard
authored a book called _History of Man_; not a very big book, but it's filled
with some wonderfully outrageous thoughts and theories and facts about
humankind, its history, and what you can find out to audit. Anyhow, early on
in this little book, Mr. Hubbard makes quite a point of giving an expanded
look at what a human being consists of, and the information comes as quite a
revelation to anybody that had been comfortably thinking that a human being
consists of one body, one mind, and one thetan or spiritual being. Ah,
wouldn't it be nice if we human beings consisted of such a simple composite!

  However, if things were that simple, it would probably be very difficult
to keep the composite in one piece, so to speak.  It would probably just
keep falling apart with great frequency and very little persistence. No, the
makers of human beings, in order to get something that would last more than 2
weekends, had to find and achieve a complexity level containing enough
confusion and intricacy to guarantee a good deal of persistence and defy even
expert efforts to sort out the puzzle. And of course, one of the shockers,
real or imagined, is that there seem to be a lot more than one spiritual
being present in that which we call a human being, and that numbers of these
other beings have also generated or invented or mocked up all kinds of other
subtext identities for various and sundry purposes in various and sundry

  Now, Mr. Hubbard gave us all a certain degree of hope that in the midst
of this rather formidable but somewhat beautiful confusion there was someone
called "the guy himself," and that among all these souls, this would be the
only one spelled with a capital S, the big Soul; and that by getting this
Soul clear of this giant confusion that it could have been sleeping in the
midst of for who knows how long, and getting it all waked up and conscious
and responsible again, you'd have quite an amazing spiritual being who is now
de-confused and capable of wondrous and marvelous things. And needless to
say, each one of us hearing about this thinks to themself or selves, "Well
by gosh, that's who I really am -- I'm the big S."

  Now that may be a cognition or a bognition. I'm just here to say that in
another one of these parts of a billion, that I would like to share with you
my experiences and understandings of the last 50 years, and each of us can
decide for themselves whether that 1952 model is spot-on or not. It
certainly has a lot going for it compared to many other efforts to describe
what a human being is made of, but we may have to do a little bit more in the
direction of finding out as much as possible about just what an individual
soul, spirit, or thetan is, or really is.

  Since brevity is the soul of wit, I shall close tonight's modest
masterpiece with a very famous oxymoron, namely, a human being without a
case. Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who believe that that
is a possibility.

  And so good night, pleasant dreams; I hope to be with you again soon --
  Your most obedient servant,
  No one in particular

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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 01:39:12 EDT
Subject: IVySubs: Bognitions
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Good evening, and hello!
  Well, my little 20-volume dictionary gives the following information
about the word "bog, bogged or bogging:" "to sink or become stuck in, or as
in, a bog; mire; often with 'down.'" OK, then there's this word "bognition,"
which I believe but am not positive was coined at some point in time in the
Church of Scientology and/or its many organizations.  And if someone had a
bognition, it was generally taken to mean they had reached a conclusion or
some sort of consideration or opinion, etc. etc. etc., that was the opposite
of a cognition.

  As mentioned in an earlier posting, cognitions, which is another name for
an increase in understanding, are accompanied by what are called in
Scientology "very good indicators," which auditors would write on their
worksheets as VGI's. Somewhere in all the bulletins or tech volumes, if you
care to search it out, there's a fairly sizable list of things called "good
indicators." I don't remember all of them, but some of the more obvious ones
were: the person having the cognition looking happy or even joyous, possibly
laughing in a very free and happy way; the person's eyes getting bright; the
person physically feeling warm or getting warmer, a release of heat; their
attention extroverted; etc. etc. and last but not least, if they were hooked
up to an E-meter, you would definitely be able to see a fine example of what
was called a "floating needle."

  When a person has a bognition, good indicators, very good indicators,
VGI's, F/N (floating needle) are not present. Bognitions, more often than
not, do not occur in an auditing session; they might occur in a
badly-delivered solo auditing session, but are mostly found in the life and
livingness of a given person. A bognition does not truly increase someone's
understanding, and is accompanied by a reduction in ARC, and really good
(bad) bognitions generally have an introverting result. An examination of
the various and sundry Service Facsimiles (a Dianetic and Scientology term
that in one case has to do with making self right and others wrong) will show
that that area of case is a veritable goldmine for bognitions.

   I'm embarrassed to have to tell you that the founder of Dianetics and
Scientology, who in his more youthful period of creativity exhibited what
might be called some very great talents, possibly even genius, in the fields
of Dianetics and Scientology, later on in his life became a superior and
moving force for the creation of bognitions, which unfortunately became
translated into church policy, Sea Org marching orders, and even at times
confused some of the rather beautiful technology that he had come up with.

  Some of these bognitions, if you're in a position where the Church can't
crush you for speaking freely, are rather humorous. One of the ones that I
thought was right up there in the ranks of Funny but caused more trouble in
its time, and possibly still is, among and in the ranks of the Churchies, was
the following famous bognition: "If it ain't written, it ain't true." That
became, for Mr. Hubbard and many of his followers, one of the most deadly
Service Facsimiles to ever grace the days of darkness in the Church of

  But believe you me, folks and friends, all of us at one time or another
have created or generated, sometimes with help, some heavy-duty bognitions
that have stood out, or perhaps are still standing, in our lives as sad
examples of thought that diminishes understanding, lowers ARC, and inhibits
our ability to function among our own created dynamics. I have a number of
cherished bognitions that I keep in my Bognition Diary, and occasionally,
when I want a really unpleasant game, I haul one or more of them out and
insist they ARE the truth. I hope someday to publish an expanded Dictionary
of Bognitions, which could become an all-time classic of humor as well as an
explanation for what appear to be the major tragedies and calamities that
have occurred here on Planet Earth over the centuries.

  It would be possible to go on talking about bognitions, but I think I'd
like to conclude by saying that anyone, at any time, can have a cognition
about a bognition, which will then convert all that entheta (enturbulated
theta, or enturbulated consciousness) and reconvert it to free and happy

  Moving on to a new but very old topic or subject, I should like to say a
few words about admiration. It's been a fair while since that topic got
exercised on the IVy list, and I express admiration to both Michael Collins
and Heidrun Beer for speaking on that topic.

  Even the gods and the super-gods and the creators of gods really and
truly love admiration, even up to and including enforcing or making others
give it to them. Going back a few millennia, the tribes of Israel, the
Hebrews, found a god (or he found them, it's hard to say who found who) who
made very heavy demands in the areas of obedience and adulation and
appreciation and acknowledgment, and not the least, admiration. And woe
betide any individual or the Jews en masse if they failed on a daily basis to
let this monster, who came to be called Jehovah, receive a daily dose of
admiration and propitiation. Any failures brought out the wrath of the
creator, who by the way seems extremely deficient in admiring his creations,
starting with Adam and Eve, and as you know, after setting them up in that
sting game with the serpent, he was able to make himself, that is Jehovah,
right, and Adam and Eve so wrong that this unforgiving god kicked them out of
the Garden of Eden and made sure that they and their descendants ever after
would suffer mightily for this terrible sin of the father and the mother of
the human race. Talk about case!

  Well anyway, as I was saying, from the so-called highest to the lowest,
whether you're moving vertically or laterally, anything that exists, even if
it's in the Plutonium Zone or the Einsteinium Zone, desires admiration for
being and creating, and if whatever it is is not too fouled up, is an
excellent source of the same to others.

  If you have found the giving and getting of admiration a trap, and
imagine getting into such good shape that you would never again need or want
to receive it, and probably not to give it to others lest you entrap them,
well, if I had that thought, I'd treat it as a gigantic bognition. But I
could admire myself or selves for having such a giant bognition, and as I
watched it dissolve and float away in the face of the universal solvent of
admiration, I would then recover my wonderful perspective on giving and
getting admiration, and with very good indicators in abundance would continue
to saunter along and through the byways of existence, until on one cool clear
afternoon I cognited (with Very, Very good indicators) that Samsara is
Nirvana and that Nirvana is Samsara.

  Good night for now; hope to see you all again soon,

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