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Subject: IVySubs: Real or imagined -- have you talked to your body's cells

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Thanks to one and all who've engaged in a spirited exchange of viewpoints on
the subject of cellular consciousness and its possibilities, real or
imagined.  I should also like to thank those who have been kind enough to
write words of acknowledgment for my latest and less-than-perfect posting.  
Being more or less in my right mind, I do hereby declare that anyone wishing
to make use of any or all of my postings may freely do so, and also thank you
very much for asking.

   And now, some words about cells and consciousnesses and histories and
possibilities, etc. etc.  It seems to me that when we talk about the human
body and its cells, these small but highly animated creatures that make up
the human body, we are talking about a lot of theta and a little bit of MEST
in order to create a form called the cell.  Thus it might be OK to say that
just what all the possibilities are regarding cellular consciousness may far
outweigh what seem to be the logical possibilities.

   In years past, when I had the pleasure and excitement of working with
different people in attempting to tap cellular consciousness, ranging from
individual cells to large aggregates, and to determine the extent of history
that cells might be able to reveal, well, to put it mildly, I came away from
this with the notion that it seemed possible that the entire history of
protoplasm existed in potential in each and every cell of a human body.  Not
something I could prove, or even necessarily claim was certainly the case,
but something that I would definitely encourage other explorers to take a
look at and decide for themselves what was possible.

   I quite agree with what John Alexander says in a logical look at the
possibility, but putting logic aside and going to the Ding an sich, the thing
in itself, it would seem that possibilities, potentials, exist that go far
beyond our earthly philosophies.

   When Ron Hubbard was being a great teacher, he seemed quite sure that
another function of the composite known as the human being was something he
called the genetic entity, and that this entity genetic was the lord and
master of genetic history and brought it forward in its entirety from body to
body and lifetime to lifetime, and that the GE, as we used to call it, could
be contacted and would and did reveal the most exciting and interesting
possibilities for providing answers that could have a great deal to do with
the mental and physical health of any given human being.  I hope that some
expert regarding the genetic entity and the possibilities for working with it
that Mr. Hubbard spoke about will respond to my plea and elaborate, as much
as possible, on what can be or is known about the genetic entity.

   And so, in closing, be kind to your cells: they may have been somebody's

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