The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Put the blame on Mame, boys
by Phil Spickler
9 Jan 2000

       Yes, yes -- put the blame on Mame.  She's one of the earliest
implanters ever discovered and identified.

       Some of you guys out there might remember things like "holders,"
"denyers," "groupers," "bouncers," and "misdirectors."  And yes, when you
were running engrams, if the pc ran into one of these things, it would
certainly take his mind off what he was working on.  And yes, you could see
in society at large that a lot of these things were being dramatized so that
large numbers of people didn't and couldn't and wouldn't examine the mind,
its content, and a lot of other things,

      You could think of an engram, if you wanted to, as an  implant, or you
could think of an implant as an engram -- just words, talking about the same
thing, which is to say, unconscious experiences that are capable of producing
all kinds of detrimental things on full automatic: physical, mental, and

      And whether you tell somebody to close their eyes and then ask them
what they're loooking at, and then handle that Dianetically, or whether you
pull wires out of their spinal cords, or whether you use repeater technique
on some fixed phrase that some character uses all the time, you can and will
most definitely produce big changes right here and now, and usually bring
great benefit to those experiencing such change.  But again, these massive
displays of the power of these tools are not always the best thing to do to
people in the long-range look at gradient accomplishments.

      All that I have just said occurred in the mind of a bear, who dreamed
that a bunch of people were talking to one another on the subject of ego-I
and implants near and dear.

       Goodnight from the bear, and may your own dreams occasionally contain
a moment of happiness for and with others.
     -- The Bear