The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
by Phil Spickler
27 May 1999

Dear Clearisattvas,   (which is either Pali or Sanskrit for "Clears-to-be,")
or perhaps in simpler terms I could just say Fellow Bodhisattvas:

       Some acknowledgments are in order, and here they go:
My warmest thanks go to Alan C. Walter for smiling upon my humble effort, and
to Srdjan for his absolutely wonderful reply, and to Thom Pearson for
contributing to my happiness, and to Allen Hacker for his absolutely
wonderful and vastly improved restatement of that which is absolutely

       These acknowledgments arrived just in time to keep me from diving off
the very top of the Transamerica Pyramid tower in downtown San Francisco to
test the necessity level theory and see if I would get such a tremendous
spurt of IQ and abilities on the way down that I would briefly sprout an
excellent set of wings of sufficient size and strength to allow me to pull
out of my dive, which may have already been approaching terminal velocity, in
time to startle some of the residents of San Francisco into believing that
Icarus really didn't fall to his death.

      'Way back in the days of mock-up processing, and the notion of getting
the "guy" exterior to "his/her" body, one of the most amusing processes of
the time went as follows: you would have the pc mock up a stick of dynamite
jammed into each ear of his body's head, and then you'd have him mock up the
fuses of both sticks being lit, and have the fuses be maybe a foot long and
not too fast, and then just have the fuses burn down and both sticks of
dynamite explode simultaneously, and after a proper pause to let the dust
settle, you might say very quietly, "Where are you now?"  This technique
seemed to really work for a number of people, getting them out of their heads
so they could then properly address the famous Route 1 activities for thetan

       Getting exterior was, all kidding aside, a very important point in
Scientology, since it was aimed at making it possible for a human being to
rediscover its own true nature, and that was considered essential if
Scientology was to have any real validity.  It's not uncommon to find similar
notions in other religious practices, which would be considered sterile
verbal exercises without some kind of true religious WOW occurring.

        Well, when something or someone does get outside of its head, I
don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said life looks to be quite a different
thing, and a lot of things can and do become understandable that have
previously resisted the efforts of interiorized beings.  Also, a large range
of abilities and potentials for full restoration of the spirit of play and
cosmic humor can come into existence, and it's safe to say that such people
are never the same again.

      I propose in my next posting to the IVy list to take up the subject of
exteriorization and interiorization, and go yackety-yackety-yak about it for
awhile, hopefully in an entertaining fashion, and if all goes well, numbers
of other folks will check in with more information and experience on this
topic, thus avoiding death by boredom.

      'Til then, and thanks some more -- Phil and not-Phil