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From: PJSpickler
Subj: Being There and Communicating
Date:  02 June 2003

   When Mr. Hubbard uttered those fateful words, "The only two crimes in
this universe are being there and communicating" (paraphrase), there were a
folks in the audience who quickly evidenced formidable signs of
non-comprehension.  Did Ron mean that because he was on the stage (being
there), and giving a
lecture (communicating), that by so doing he was committing two crimes?  No,
no, no, no, no, and NO!

   He went on to explain that when a crime has been committed, say, for
example, a murder or a large theft, when the police go looking for the
or perpetrators of said crime, one of the first things they do is round up
all the people that they suspect might have committed the crime; and in
questioning each person, they attempt to find out where that person was when
the crime
was committed, and what form of communication they might be engaging in.

   If the person has what is called an alibi, for example, "On the night and
at the time of the bank robbery I was at a theater in Copenhagen with four of
my friends who will swear on a stack of the book _Dianetics_ that that's
where I was and that's what I was communicating about," -- so, that person,
such an alibi, can claim, "I was not at the bank, and I wasn't communicating
with all the things that were stolen from it."

   So you can see from this simple example, if a crime has been committed,
and you can find someone who WAS being there and WAS communicating, the
will then arrest such a person and indict them for the crime, and the court
system will endeavor to see that justice (in one form or another) is executed
upon that person.

   Conversely, as my best-beloved amanuensis pointed out, NOT being there
and NOT communicating can also underlie what might be called criminal
Here's a quick example: on the day of the battle in some great war that's
being fought, you were supposed to lead the charge into the enemy and
to that enemy with  guns and sabers and other instruments of destruction.  
But instead of being there and doing that, you deserted your army the night
before the battle and disappeared, so that on the day of the battle you were
there and were NOT communicating; and someday, if you are caught for this act
of desertion, if it's during wartime, you will probably be quickly and
hesitation executed.

   So, that's what being there and communicating, and not being there and
not communicating, is all about.  And please, please, please, please, please,
don't get the idea that if you're sitting in your den or office in your
chair, reading and sending e-mail, that you are somehow engaging in criminal
behavior -- well, at least I hope you're not!

   If at this point there are any further questions or confusions about Mr.
Hubbard's statements regarding the only two crimes in this universe, please
write me privately, and I shall endeavor to be there and communicate with you
without either one of us committing any crimes.

   OK and goodnight, and may all the gods and demigods smile upon this
assembly --
   P & J