The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

The teeny-tiniest bit more about the Service Facsimile
by Phil Spickler
7 Mar 00

       As you may well remember, one of the foremost aspects of the service
facsimile is that it can be used, and is used, to provide the excuse or the
reason why for failure.  What hardly ever gets mentioned, and in many ways is
just as important as a further aspect of the service facsimile, are the
excuses that are made for success.

      That's right, the things folks dream up, make up, and create to explain
how they happened to win or do very well or excel or conquer or greatly
achieve, all under the heading of successfulness.

       This is another serious but rather humorous aspect of the excuses or
explanations that people give in an effort to not take full conscious and
knowing responsibility for the postulates, considerations, and decisions,
etc. that are actually behind the states of being, doing and having (or
not-being, not-doing and not-having) that are exhibited in their lives.

      And so, here are some examples of the excuses that people might come up
with to explain success: "I owe it all to God;" "it's because of my parents;"
"I was just lucky;" "I just happened to be in the right place at the right
time;"  "I guess it was Fate, or Kismet;" 'it was really no big deal --
anyone could have done it"; "the other team just wasn't really very good."
And the list goes on and on.

      So, whether you're using some excuse to explain failure or success,
there is still the avoidance of the responsibility of knowing one's own
postulates, as well as the ownership of other postulates that sometimes have
a strong effect on our lives.  And so, if you stay with this theory, it once
again brings you back to the bottom of all bottom lines, which is to say,
what we are always dealing with is thought and that which creates thought.

     If this fundamental is kept in mind, you can be quite certain that in
any form of auditing or therapy or New Age, New Dimension
whatever-whatever-whatever, the last thing you come to before getting off at
the great big nothingness that's behind it all, which may or not produce
bliss, is the discovery of the thought that preceded existence and the who or
the what that is responsible for that thought.

      This of course is making things horribly simple, and the simple is
rarely if ever very popular, because it's the antithesis of life and being
human, which by nature, in order to obtain persistence, requires a great deal
of complexity and/or that naughty word known as "the lie" or "lies."

     And so, once again I reaffirm that it's not a good idea to put so much
truth into a person's life that they can no longer really be human or really
continue to exist.  The balance between the Truth and the Lie is the real art
of helping people along; the balance between existence and non-existence.
And you really only want to clear up enough of this stuff to where the guy or
gal can have the best possible shot at enjoying the game called Life, unless
you're in the business of making saintly or guru-types, which is really not a
very worthwhile business, since we already have and have had more than enough
of these types to satisfy whatever need us humans may have for such

      In closing, I'd like to thank Christian and Sehlene for their marvelous
entries into the Service Fac 2000 Contest, and especially the insight and
interest that was found in their offerings; and I hope that some of the other
IVy-listers will come out of hibernation long enough to play with us.

      And so, until later, adieu, adieu kind friends, adieu --