The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

Ashes to ashes . . . .
by Phil Spickler
11 Nov 00

      Well, well, well -- one of my guard sheep down here on the alfalfa farm
where I'm currently in residence came into the mausoleum where I generally
hang out between postings to the IVy list, and after pressing the button on
the pump that warms my blood, said to me, after the body's eyes opened and it
showed signs of animation, "Hey, boss -- you promised folks on the IVy list
and elsewhere that you had some pretty fancy first-class theory about
something or other that you were going to lay on said folk, and you have
delayed so long in making good on this that we now have people on the
perimeter fence of our alfalfa fields who are carrying signs complaining
about the delay, and their presence has caused some of the unicorns to get
bothered to such a degree that they have horned in on us guard sheep and said
to get you off your slab and get you back to theorizing and publishing."

       Well, I'm embarrassed to have to say that what follows is overdue, but
remember that there are only so many thetans in one day, and don't be too
harsh that this hasn't happened sooner.

       I'm of the opinion that since most of my writings are secretly
intended for a fairly wide audience, I try to keep them (my writings, that
is) decondensed, with sufficient dunnage and sometimes humorous digressions
so that the real meat (excuse the expression) of what I have to say is easily

       Well, anyway, the next statement has something to do with the proposed
theory.   If you were to set out to truly clear someone, and you wanted this
someone to be really clear and not just have some momentary flashes and high
points or big key-outs, here's possibly what you might have to do, depending
on how you define a person.  For example, if you take the Hubbardian view of
a person as someone who has extensions on all of the 8 dynamics, whether or
not said person is consciously aware of these things, it doesn't take much of
a logical leap to realize that to get a real Clear, you have to clear every
one of this poor devil's 8 dynamics.  We shall have a moment of silence
following  that statement while we allow it to sink into the consciousness of
the one or two people who haven't already pressed their "Delete" button.

       Well there, I'll proceed now, having given everyone a chance to exit
that wishes to.  This notion has inspired in folks like L. Ron Hubbard and
others the idea that if they were ever going to be truly clear -- "totally
free," if you will -- it would somehow be necessary for everyone else to get
there also.  Yes, it was found that a Clear could not live in a vacuum; the
simple fact that a being is connected to all of the 8 dynamics, or if you
will connected to all of Life, makes the notion of Clear a state that is
impossible to maintain when the rest of a being's dynamics are anything but

       Now things like the OT 3 materials and the NOTs materials are a pretty
good effort to give somebody the feeling, as they pursued the subject of
these materials, that they could somehow become a stable and individual
Clear.  But some few, or perhaps many, of the folks that worked along those
lines eventually were forced to conclude that they would end up auditing
everyone and everything in the entire universe before they could make the
claim that they had finished what they'd started out to do; and that the
attempt to organize anything that would somehow complete said task was
probably, for reasons not completely known or understood, not doomed to
success, and perhaps for good reason.

       For awhile, back in the '60's in the 20th century, there was a
concerted effort to see if it would be possible to assist L. Ron Hubbard in
accomplishing the Conditions Formula for Non-Existence regarding the peoples
of Planet Earth; and it was felt at that time that if one person could
successfully complete that formula, amazing things not only here on Earth but
universe-wide might be possible.  I know this sounds like science fiction,
and maybe it is -- it should be called "metaphysical fiction," perhaps, not
necessarily science fiction -- but nevertheless, it was an idea, and you can
see, 3 or 4 decades later, that it was far less than successful, and that the
effort of one person to complete the non-existence formula in the direction
of mankind could be a pretty fast route to madness and insanity if one
couldn't handle all that came through on all the connections one was bringing
into existence.

      Anyway, before I close off this point of theory, when the whole theory
is summed up and put together, there is the intention to answer questions
like "How come the cure becomes the problem or the disease," "Why the
undesirable has to get mocked up in order to be fixed by the desirable," and
"What has been keeping the notion of Clear as the impossible dream."

        I have deliberately not included the notion of Operating Thetan or OT
in this, since it has nothing to do with being aberrated; and since everyone
is to some degree operational, as well as being a theta being, it's safe to
say that everyone already is an OT, and it's just a matter of degree as to
who is more OT, or operational, than who isn't; and that some of the
craziest, most aberrated, most evil destructive people ever to exist have
been and continue to constitute high positions in that non-organized
fraternity called OT-hood.

      Sorry I couldn't finish theorizing today, but I will another day in
what I hope is not the unimaginably distant future.
So long for now --