The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

I can't give you anything but love -- baby
by Phil Spickler
27 May 1999

Kor, everyone!  which, if you have read the Edgar Rice Burroughs series about
the Red Planet, Mars, is a typical if somewhat formal greeting on that planet
between fellow Martians, who themselves are a rather beautiful coppery-red
people who are very beautiful and handsome and typically live 7 or 800 years
looking young, beautiful and handsome.  Since the folks of Barsoom, the true
name of the planet Mars, have to come up with a lot of stuff to avoid death
by boredom, everybody goes around well-armed and violent death through
dueling and assassination and many other things is considered pretty nifty
(talk about OTs!).

       Anyhow, greetings, or kor, and on to the play:  Act 1, Scene 1.  On
the off-chance that there may be a few folks out there in ether-land who are
doing Step 1 and Step 2 of a proposed clearing procedure [editor's note:
see the file WantToBeClear in the spickler directory of the Lightlink
Archives], or who may wish to try it on another (which I think is
absolutely wonderful), I'd like to make a couple of things "perfectly
clear"  about this extremely clear procedure.

       Some folks like my dear friend Alan Walter got the whole idea at
once, instantly, and that may be true of lots of other folks who shall go
unmentioned.  But on the off-chance that a few, due to my inability to
communicate clearly, may need to hear the following words -- please don't
suppose that I, me, Phil, or somebody, has gotten the idea that they're some
kind of Internet IVy list Director of Clearing, or that the procedure itself,
which is as old as the hills, is somehow sacred or in any way truly original.

       Having said that, as the Director of Clearing, I'd like to say this
about Step 1 (that's the one where everything and anything that impinges on
your senses is greeted with the acknowledgment "That's absolutely
wonderful!").  Now here's where we get to the nitty-gritty of this step.
This step can and will selectively and indiscriminately restimulate any and
all valences (by whatever name you choose to give them) in that area which we
will call your universe, or under the heading of that grouper called "I" or
"me" or your given names, who have difficulty, disagreement, inability, and
problems with the idea of greeting everything and anything with "Isn't that
absolutely wonderful!"

       So that's the purpose of this first step, to give you a chance to get
some distance from all the entities or consciousnesses that call themselves
you and that because of their case state stand between what we'll call "you"
and clearing.  So for goodness sakes, when these folks come online, with all
their disagreements and problems concerning this very simple idea, don't
re-group them, don't misidentify them and call them "me" or "I" or whatever
your first and second names are; simply thank them for being there and tell
them how wonderful they are for existing in exactly the way they do -- you
can even let them know how wonderful it is that they all think they're "you."
And using this powerful simplicity of acknowledgment and appreciation, start
clearing all these folks and giving them a chance to return to the state they
were in before they got so confused.

     So just remember, the simple action of attempting to accept life as it
is, and giving it a tremendous "Isn't that wonderful!" of appreciation upon
perceiving that which you have postulated, will key-in, restimulate, all kinds
of beingness that is either opposed to such a possibility, is unwilling
and/or unable to do it, etc., etc., etc.  And your job is to spot folks like
that when they answer up and, with the help of Step 1 and Step 2, fix them
up, or clear them, by re-acquainting them with their own basic nature.

      Similarly, Step 2 of this-here two-step, namely the step where Help is
generated on all flows, both in thought and deed -- this is also going to
restimulate, key-in, all the people that have hang-ups on the subject of Help.

      Here's your chance once again to clear all the things that make "you"
feel as though you aren't Clear.  By picking up these people or groups of
people as they appear, with their considerations and opinions about why this
isn't a very good idea, let alone practical, and using the simple tech of the
two-step, as well as anything else at your command, fix them up.

       Now you can see from what I'm talking about here, this is a pretty
big 7th Dynamic operation, and of course it will reflect enormously in the
4th and 3rd Dynamics of humankind.  But whoever gets this idea and carries it
out will be one of the few OTs who is actually in the process of clearing
Planet Earth.

    You may ask, "Well, who is the "you" in the midst of all this who is
doing the job for everybody else so that everybody feels Clear?"  Don't fret
about that question or its answer -- just do Steps 1 and 2 until somebody
feels Clear, and then as the mood strikes you do something else, with the
knowledge that you can create, conserve and destroy the State of Clear at
any time, in any place in any universe -- and if that ain't total freedom,
what is?

        As ever, one who aspires to the title of Chief Buffoon for the IVy
list -- Phil-NonPhil