The following first appeared in the private email list IVy-subscribers,
which was available to all those who subscribed to the
printed magazine, International Viewpoints.

All entities great and small
9 Dec 1998
by Phil Spickler

Greetings and hallucinations to my fellow listers and all the entities
bright   and beautiful!

Like the great American poet and writer Edgar Allen Poe, an entity came
a-knocking at my chamber door, and quoth the entity, "It's entities
evermore!"   Which is to say, there's been a lot of entities talking about
entities lately in those special sections of the various lists commonly
called "the special entity argument sector" list.  This is a very special
sector where very special entities get to argue about entities with other
entities, especially about things like "Which entity first discovered
entities," and one entity decided that it wasn't an entity but was troubled
by entities and invented a method for freeing itself from all other
troublesome entities,  and which entity is the king of the entities and has
the one true and best method of   entity-handling, such as has never been
found, discovered, or commented upon by any other entity before this very
moment, and can provide a comprehensive entity insurance plan which when
purchased will promise to pare off all these entities until what's left is
a certain something or nothing (not an entity of course) that's purported
to be The Real You!


Based on the idea that most of what has been popping around lately   about
entities has something to do with dispensing with them or getting rid of
them, all for the sake of something or someone who made them but now finds
them troublesome, and since they're not the same as ghosts, spirits,
thetans, body thetans, spiritual teammates,  fleas, mites, maggots,
goblins, or anything else that might go Boomp in the night, but are
supposed to be the creations of the aforementioned, let's just get as
simple about all this as it's possible to get.  Sounds like it all could be
easily handled by the   following philosophic dictum: "KNOW THY ENTITIES."
This is based on the notion that correct assignment of ownership usually
holds up in court.    (Actually I was just kidding there.)  Correct
ownership usually brings about the instant vanishment of that which is
unwanted -- at the very least, you can put a leash on it and take it for a
walk.  But we're still 'way too complicated.


Somewhere along the line Ron wrote an addendum to the TRs in which he, one
of the 50 entities who claim to have written this piece of tech for him,
updated the notion of TR-2, or in plain terms, acknowledgment.  To the best
of my memory, an attempt was made to point out what was the full potential
of acknowledgment, and he tried, perhaps in vain, to penetrate all the
ridges, thetan machinery, armies of entities, and general resistance that
was often the case for those who had spent year after year after year
saying, "Thank you for telling me that," and considering that they had just
done   everything that could possibly be done with acknowledgment.


First and foremost, a real acknowledgment in the fullest sense of the
word is one that arrives at its intended target in such a way that the
target (in this case being the preclear, the client, the customer, the poor
devil, the supplicant, the student, the walking ridge, the Internet junkie,
the therapy addict, etc., etc., etc.) feels really and truly acknowledged.
Feels duplicated, feels admired, feels, "Gee!  I'm really OK!"  Feels
accepted, feels loved, feels like "Gee whiz!  There really is someone out
there that can really see what I'm creating or what I'm being, etc., etc.,
and has just let me know that they've duplicated it without reservation."
When this type of   acknowledgment takes place, fixed conditions start
changing at once.  When it's brought to bear in types of auditing having to
do with unseen or hidden influences, such as entities, and their source, by
simply flowing acknowledgment from all points of the compass to anything
that has been spotted or located, you will soon find that whatever has been
there is now in a very happy state of free, undefined theta.  And if you're
using an E-meter, or an Attention Bit Locator or just holding hands across
telephone lines or via the Internet, you will notice the presence of all
the phenomena that used to go with the proverbial "floating needle."  It is
assumed, of course, that you are sending the essence of the correct
acknowledgment to the area in question, and that the area can and will
report, if it's still there, receiving this grace.  And that's all it
takes, and it's all done telepathically, at any distance or any range, with
anything or anyone at any  time, and it has for its underpinnings an
extremely sturdy basic, namely:  that which exists is there to be
acknowledged.  But heck, don't take anybody's word   for this; just try it
out on anything or anyone, and in no time at all you'll see how starved
most folks are for acknowledgment and the lengths they will go to to get
some.  Just look at what I'm doing here at the moment, and you'll see the
whole sad folly of it all printed right before your eyes.  If you think I'm
kidding just remember, some folks are so hungry for acknowledgment they
will even shell out hard cash to get somebody to do it (poor devils).
Now I don't really want you thinking that I or some entity is doing this
for   acknowledgment, but the truth is, I can't hide it from you, can I?
You know that's why I'm doing it.  But I expect that very few reading this
will acknowledge it, and that's OK, because all my pet entities already
beat you to the punch.  (Mostly kidding) -- and to all a good night --
Best, Phil