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Subj:   IVy: It doesn't get any worse
Date:  16 Aug. 1998 19:28 EDT
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**     ("53. A stable datum is necessary for the alignment of data.")
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     In adventuring onto the whole track, circa the earlier 1950's, which are
sometimes known as the "fun period" of Scientology, it came to pass that in a
place called Phoenix, Arizona, USA, a fairly largeish redhaired fellow with a
penchant for streaking across the desert on motorcycles had set up a bit of an
organization which may have been located at a place called Alice's Ghost
Lodge, and for a time was busy giving public lectures called the Grapefruit
Grove Lectures.  (I will accept help and correction from other old-timers on
that which follows, or precedes.)

      Some of the most fun things that came out of this period were known as
the Axioms for an Atomic Era; the first (and possibly the most significant, if
you look at the course of this adventuring redhead), was as follows: IF YOU
NEED A DATUM, CREATE 'UM.  I could really wax eloquent on that axiom, and
spend the next 25 trillion electrons talking about possibilities inherent in
that one simple statement, but I have high hopes that the philosophers and
non-philosophers that are to be found among the IVy subscribers will pick up
the gauntlet thrown down by that statement (forgive the metaphor) and, once
they stop c0gniting, they'll have something to say about it.

    Axiom 2: IF YOU'RE MAPPED, YOU'RE TRAPPED.  This one should get a rise
out of all you theta-MEST theorists, and my further hope is that some other
old-timers may know the rest of the axioms.  I once had a bunch more, but
alas, my retrieval unit can't get past those two.  

    Since this communication is to be considered a potpourri, I shall jump to
another topic, with the briefest of communication bridges, and hope that you
adventurous souls will make the jump with me with no diminishment of good

     Ran into Ron in Washington, D.C. in January of 1957.  Ran into L. Ron
Hubbard, Jr. at the same time.  He was locally referred to as Nibs, and there
was no question who his father was.  In those days the father and son got
along famously, and Lord help you if they ganged up on you, since they had
more thetan abilities than any other 50 people I knew at the time.  One of the
biggest and the best of their abilities had to do with that very scarce,
extremely valuable, tremendously desirable particle known as admiration.  They
both had the ability to mock up a tremendous beam or particle of the stuff and
send it your way, at which point, for want of a better term, a general feeling
of ecstasy could be felt through every molecule of that which was capable of
feeling.  It didn't seem to matter what kind of day you were having, or how
solid your case had gotten, or how bad your present time or chronic problems
were feeling -- just let one of the Hubbards shoot this beam at you, and WHAM
-- you'd be floating around on Cloud #9, no kidding.  The thing I'm talking
about here is non-verbal; you could say it's non-specific too; it was simply
pure essence of admiration  

      This was one of the numerous  abilities that were worked on in the OT
period in Phoenix, and needless to say, some of the folks really got it.  In
the simplest terms I can employ, most of what folks would call their case
would consist of all kinds of solid, serious, unpleasant masses that contained
undesirable or detested significances that have unwelcome influence and that
are so hard to get rid of you'd spend quite a bit of time and money or just
about do anything to change the condition.  I've even known folks who've done
things in an effort to get their case handled like joined the Sea Org or
mortgaged their house to get money for auditing or -- well, I won't go any
further, it's too embarrassing, when you think of what people will do for the
want of a little admiration for some of their creations (some of which they've
acquired with a little help from their friends) that they're not being very
responsible for.

   It had long been said, in various of the early organizations that Ron
inhabited, that 3 to 5 hours of auditing with Ron could be like 25 or 50 or
more hours with another ordinarily fine auditor.  There are many from this
period that would agree with that statement.  So folks might come to a place
like Phoenix or Wichita or Washington, D.C. and, if Ron was in the mood, for a
lot of extra money, they could get what seemed to be a short intensive with
him, namely 3 to 5 hours.  And yes, they would come away from this auditing,
to coin an old expression, really blown away, translated as all the needles
and all the tone arms of all the different areas of their universe called case
were all floating.  You ask, what was the big difference between Ron's
auditing, or his son Nibs', and the rest of us jokers?  Well, I'll tell you:
when they sat down in front of a preclear, that pc was now sitting in front of
a completely uninhibited source of admiration, and perhaps for the first time
in many an eon was experiencing an admiration or a granting of beingness or an
acknowledgment that hadn't the smallest shred of reserve or equivocation in
it.  You say, well, what was getting acknowledged?  I'd say it was about at
this level: it was an acknowledgment in the fullest sense, with total
appreciation for all that that pc ever had been, was now, or ever would be.
In the face of that, most pc's, if you remember the 3 great automaticities
that were discovered in 1958, namely, the three things that everybody is doing
on full automatic, and they are: Keep it from going away, Hold it still, and
Make it a little more solid -- those were the big buttons that produced the
1958 Clear -- anyway, in the face of the giant acknowledgment, the beam of
admiration, most beings simply ceased keeping it from going away, stopped
holding it still, and quit making it a little more solid, namely, their case,
which would just go flying off like a rocket launch.  In other words,
everybody quit mocking it up -- WOW!  Nothing there!  Many floating needles!
Hey, I'm Clear!  Hey, I have no track, no charge!  Hey, I'm -- WOW!  (Tune
into my next offerring to find out what causes this condition not to persist,
although you could know or cognite on it without any further nonsense from
me.)  Can auditors still do this today?  Could we even do quite a bit of it
for ourselves and others in just the daily scene of existence?  The answer,
the Hubbardian "You betcha!"  You may ask, "Does this contravene the notion of
TR-O?  Is it a mistake for an auditor to sit there radiating admiration and
appreciation for that which is presented by the preclear?"  Well, in answer,
justlisten to this.  Definition: TR-O -- being there with nothing or auditing.
Definition of auditing -- anything that reduces the charge of the Time Track
and restores self-determinism.  Yes, you'd better be admiring that pc!  thank

      Finally, let's talk briefly about the most unpopular idea in this or
any universe (I think), namely that dirty word, yes, you know what I mean:
RESPONSIBILITY.  There's a very ugly truth concerning responsibility, and at
the risk of being the object  of eternal damnation from all foolish enough to
read these words, yet I would fain mention that which became known as THAT
HIDEOUS TRUTH.  (This, by the way, is not a take-off on a C.S. Lewis book --
if, however, you are curious about C.S. Lewis, my sweet darling wife Julie
informs me that he is an English author who used the word "hideous" in one of
the titles of a trilogy that he wrote sometime possibly just before or even
during World War II.)

       Anyway, back to the hideous truth.  Each person is exactly as
responsible as they wish to be on any given dynamic.  You can immediately see
why this is a very unpopular idea, since we spend about 99 percent of our
theta free time coming up with why's and wherefore's to avoid the awesome
possibilities, as well as the awesome punishments, that await those who are
willing to admit cause or (unpleasantly) have been found to be at cause.  So
it's quite possible that the rewards and the punishments for responsibility
are about the same in size.  Obviously, some of us have taken the punishments
a bit too seriously now, because there is a general tendency away from
responsibility.  In fact, I wrote a book a few years ago that's entitled _Two
Billion Reasons Why I Can't Possibly Be the Cause of What's Going On on Some
of the Dynamics That Make Up Life_.  This book is just a modest collection of
the possibilities in this area that make the pretence of human existence real
enough to be enjoyed (and its opposite) by all of us.

    Well, don't get me wrong, please -- I'm not recommending that anybody out
there leap into the vacancy that has been open for a long time for the
position called God, or the Supreme Being, or The Creator, namely, that which
is responsible for all creation and counter-creations on all 8 dynamics -- no,
no, no, I'm not for a minute asking anyone to do that.  Perish the thought!
I'm just saying that willingness monitors ability, and that if you were
willing to be responsible for the affairs of all spiritual entities and all
their interactions throughout all the dynamics, the orbits of the planets, the
El Nino, all living things, the abject condition of humankind, the
embarrassment of the Clinton administration, the sad affairs in South Africa,
the great difficulties of the 2nd dynamic in most places in the world, and the
general diminishment of the 1st dynamic notion, well, all you'd have to do is
decide to do it, and it's yours.  You might want to have my book on all the
reasons why you couldn't possibly be the cause of all those things at your
side, just in case you change your mind.

      In fact, the recommended end phenomena concerning this notion of
responsibility is to reach the state where you could choose to be responsible
or not responsible for anything at any time, anywhere -- PHEW!!!  Now then,
that sounds a lot better, doesn't it?  'Cause I want you to remember that too
much responsibility takes you into pan-determinism in any given situation or
dynamic and takes you outside the game, and that's no fun.  But on the other
hand, you don't want to be beating up the children every other day (just
kidding).  So it might be said that the optimum amount of responsibility, just
like the optimum amount of randomity, is the amount that pleases you in the
ongoing condition called Life, and once you know you can raise or lower the
amount you choose to play with or not play with, you're so darn free I'd never
want to talk to you again -- or at least I'd have to get above my chronic
level of deathful enthusiasm in order to sit in the same room with you.

      I'd like to say in closing that back in the '50's, L. Ron Hubbard gave
a bunch of lectures which were made into a bunch of booklets called the
Lecture Course Booklets.  Seems to me they were published with a cover that
was a nice green and orange or green and cream or something like that, and
there were a whole bunch of them.  And in one of the talks Ron gave he made a
point of mentioning the effective limits of Scientology as related to the Tone
Scale, and I believe he said the territory beyond Tone 27 was both uncharted
and past the limits where Scientology could be used effectively.  I don't
remember if he said how low on the Tone Scale you could go and still find it
useful, but someone out there ought to have that answer, either in theory or
in direct experience ("Hello there," he said, calling down the deep well).  

         After this last, I'm fleeing into my doubly-fortified cave and
setting up several rows of guard sheep as I sit by a tiny fire, counting the
millions of separate stalks of alfalfa that i am carefully hoarding, with a
soft giggle and a bit of drool running down my cheek.  Good night and goodbye,
and all the best -- Phil