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Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 22:43:45 +0100
From: Lars Peter Schultz
Subject: Re: IVySU: Various
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At 07:17 13-10-01 +0200, Antony Phillips wrote (subject "IVySU: Various"):

> Not with us is against us
> Recently I heard this phrase roughly in the direction of "anyone who is not
> with us is against us". And it rang a bell.  I can't place it exactly but it
> was around 1983, when there was the "split" from the Cof Scn.  And it was
> used by  some one or other in the church.  The implication was that any one
> who did not support the church of Scientology must be, well, so to speak,
> destroyed.  It struck me as pretty illogical, as there were quite a
number of
> people in the world (and even locally) who had never heard of
Scientology, so
> presumably they were not "for" official Scientology, so were regarded as
> against.

Those that are not against us are with us

Once I was told by some Christian people the idea that those that are not
against Jesus are with Jesus. That attitude is a lot better and can be applied
by anybody whether Christian or not. Those that are not against us are with
This way you are creating many friends, because it is an attitude of expecting
people in general to be friends except those that happen to demonstrate
something else. And when you are expecting people to be friends your attention
is focused on creating friends.

There is only one problem, and that is that the idea of "being against" is
still part of the slogan. Because that means you are creating the idea that
somebody is against. Why not create some better idea? And for that purpose I
will quote something else that Ant wrote in his message called "IVySU:

At 07:17 13-10-01 +0200, Antony Phillips wrote (subject "IVySU: Various"):

> .......snip......there is a goal. Work together to gain knowledge,
> experience, and ability to build a new universe. One a shade "better" than
> this one.

So here Ant presented a fantastic triangle "Knowledge, Experience and
A nice combination of qualities. And they are born from a fourth quality
"Working together" and a fifth quality is created: "a new Universe".

So what about this:

You have the opportunity to either join us, work with us, trade with us and/or
visit us when we work with our marvellous task of gaining knowledge,
and ability creating the great poetry of dancing life.

Lars Peter

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