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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 22:06:09 +0100
From: "Claus B. Hansen"
To: ivy-subscribers@lightlink.com
Subject: IVySubs: Tools not truths ...


Hi everyone here,
I would like to share some considerations of mine,
so kindly be prepared to exercise your delete finger :-) !

It is, and has for considerable time, been important
to me to distinguish between truths and tools ...

Truths are truths, and seemingly we all have our own.

Tools, however, are, at least to me (!) tools as long as
they are: relevant, workable and deliver good results.

As an example: The so called Dynamics, from 1 to 8,
are, to me, tools. Good and usable tools to distinguish
the different parts of or perspectives on Life in order to
more easily understand and learn to handle as a whole.
So, the eight dynamics has nothing to do with truths !

Another example: I, as a person, am I, the soul, and I
have a mind, and a body, and I have a spiritual level.
These four qualities cannot and shall not be separated
totally, while living, but they can be looked at, as if
they were separate parts of me, and thereby better
understood. Again, the four parts of me are not truths
in any way !

These tools are relevant and useful in my daily work:
coaching, training and supervising humans in groups.
And I tell them each and every time: This is only tools !

Best regards,

In my humble opinion: All world religions are no more than
human inventions relying on indoctrination during upbringing,
and subsequently used as a means of ideological oppression.