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I hesitate to enter any discussion involving the supposed concepts of
PTS, SP, and R/S. I was too close for too long to LRH in too many of his
verbal and operational campaigns to "handle" the people he accused of
being such (and was myself subject to one of them). It's a murky and
sensitive area.

It seems to be a subject very close to insanity itself, or potentially so. The
concepts, I would say, are 'almost right' but at the same time sufficiently
wrong to invite more trouble in the application than they resolve. I'd say
that they create complexity where simplicity is the greatest need.

My only resolution, so far, is to assume that the essential ingredient in
a situation of conflict is the tone level of the recipient of the supposed or
alleged suppression or evil.

When low-toned terminal A fights with low-toned terminal B, then violent
force of some kind is probably the only factor that will decide the issue.
In the absence of higher tone, the use of violent force can be the lesser
of the two evils--when it is necessary that we have one evil or the other.

When mankind habitually elects or permits low-toned leaders, we can
expect a great number of "solutions" that create a great deal more
problem. This comes out of the stupidity that infests the lower tone
levels and is not necessarily suppressive in itself. Its effect can be
extremely suppressing.

I think it is one of the great promises of the sane core of the technology
that LRH (who was perhaps not the sole source of it all) left us, that
it is possible to raise an individual's tone, and then that of people in

That the only way to deal with a source of 'suppression' is through force
is a human notion. It is not a truth.

To give just one illustration of the possibilities, I give the following story,
related to me by the principal figure in it. I knew her quite well, and have
no difficulty in accepting what she told me as being perfectly true.

She had been studying at an org in the USA for a professional auditor
qualification, and had returned to her home in a Mid-West town. Shortly
after her return, she was walking home, rather late at night, and on her
own. She lived on her own.

She became aware that she was being followed, and knew what
was her intended fate. She remained calm, continued to walk, as the
follower's footsteps came closer and closer. She got to her front door,
opened it, got inside. Before she could shut it, the man put his foot in
the door, and she had to face the fact that she was about to be at his
mercy--and that he intended no mercy on her.

Suddenly, she remembered something from her training. She flung the
door wide open. She started to tear off her coat as though about to
strip herself naked. "All right," she cried, "COME AND RAPE ME!"

The fellow froze, went into total shock. White in the face, and utterly
terrified, he turned and ran for his life.

Moral: When you want to be, and when you know how to be, you can be
at cause over all sorts of 'evil;' when you can't be at cause over it and have
no choice but to be effect, you just have to confront it. When you confront
it, you have won 90% of the battle and just have 10% to go.

Once, when speaking to me on the ship in one of his many very sane
moments, LRH said, referring to some trouble that had broken
out in a part of the ship's organization, "Most of the time, all that these
people want is a simple TR4."

What substitute is there for simple sanity? Do you find sanity low on the
tone scale? I'd be very surprised if there is any source of sanity comparable
to the best in scientology.

My congratulations and respects to all those who are working to raise tone

Ken U
An opinion of mine is that mankind is slowly making its way up the tone scale
from a rather low level. As humanity rises on the tone scale, confusion
flies off.
Suppressed charge becomes free to express itself. This is messy and
difficult, but all to the ultimate good. What 'suppressive' motions we
are suppressive motions we ourselves have put in place. There is no escape
from them but through embracing them as they appear.

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