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From: "Judith Anderson"
To: "Antony Phillips"
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Subject: Re: IVySu: Life is a roller coaster
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 13:04:18 +1000

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Dear Ant,  I went on a course at the weekend too.  It was very interesting
and was designed to give one a greater understanding of the AfterLife, and
what was there.  I was very interested in finding out whether the
information available through the course or Bruce Moen's books  co-incided
with anything I have come across through Sci. or outofSci or even IGT or
some such.  I suppose I'm talking about Implants, because we are talking
about between lives too, of course.  He personally told me there were no
sinister areas that he was aware of in the AfterLives area, though in
chapter 4 of his third  book he talked of seeing "curls" which were people
with compressed spirituality (in their unconscious minds) (their decision he
said) leaving to go down to earth through a mechanism.  One interesting part
of that writing was seeing four "curls" with a thread between them, and it
was explained that these four would eventually meet up on earth (from
different disciplines) and find they were all working on the same subject
(in this case rainforest plants).

The course took us gently through the process of a sort of quiet time or
some would call it meditation, where we were willing participants in
retrieving "lost souls" with the help of "Helpers".  There was a series of
actions to do, and it did produce some interesting results.

Probably the most important factor in the whole thing was he said
Imagination can be looked at on a scale as  totally fantasy at one end, all
the way to reality at the other with a bit of grey in the middle.  He said
to just imagine the scenerio if you couldn't "see" anything, (like fake it
till you make it), and just see what happened.  It was like what people have
always had trouble with when running Dianetics.  "Oh I'm just making it up"
etc.  What you need to do when exploring the AfterLife is ask for something
that can be verified in this PresentLife until such time you know that what
is real is real.

I have never considered there were outside Helpers beyond the realm of those
who are with one forming the composite self, but he indicated that
coincidences were the product of these Helpers and often a wider plan.
That sits better with me than "this is God's doing" which turns me off.  I
have this view of the areas he described from his former training in Bob
Munro's Munro Institute, of the AfterLife, quite distinctly, and the area
called Focus 27 which has all sorts of Intelligences, and areas of interest,
could have people capable of such plans.

On the course were people who come from psychic families, people who had
worked in similar areas but didn't have this technique, but all mostly
responding to the man himself and his lecture promoting the workshop.

I have just skimmed over this course in the telling of it, and I will
explore further and use the techniques and see what I can find.  It is all
new to me.  I guess I've been stuck in Brand X  for too long.

love   Judith

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From: Antony Phillips
Date: Friday, 5 May 2000 4:08
Subject: IVySu: Life is a roller coaster

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>Dear ivy-subscribers subscriber,
>In the last weekend I have been on the non-scientology course I have talked
>about before. Actually a retread of the first in a series of four, a
>curriculum for living. The course ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9
>am to about 23.30, Monday and Tuesday in the real world to find out how our
>lives had changed (or not), and then Tuesday evening.. I was very pleased
>with the results. (I had got three other Scientologists to take the course)
>One of the things that hit me was that they say "life is a roller coaster".
>Wow! Don't we know that roller coaster indicates you are a potential
>trouble source, a Bad Thing (if not a Despicable Thing).
>How dare they try and knock out one of my well indoctrinated stable data!
>Have not I been indoctrinated to believe that if I had a failure in life or
>a period of unhappiness, it was Bad, and indicated that I was Not OT, in
>fact possibly a traitor or enemy.
>In the end I recall something, I think from Science of Survival by a L. Ron
>Hubbard. Something in the direction of that the person who was stuck at one
>level of the tone scale (even if it was enthusiasm) was insane. That it was
>normal to swing up and down as different things happened in life (and in
>ones bank, but that could be got rid of).
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