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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 12:00:24 -0500
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From: "Kenneth G. Urquhart"
Subject: IVySubs: LRH & Franchise/missions

Clive wrote:

Around that time (end of 1969) myself and 2 others in the (then) Franchise
Office were declared by LRH to be 'Ethics Upstats' but about 6 months later
I think LRH 'went off' Missions because it was reported that they were
ripping off the then super-duper Class 8s which had been trained at Flag
and were going to pull Scn Orgs out of the technical dive they were in. He
stated that some had gone to Missions without completing their contracts
(mostly or totally not true I think).

I don't think LRH was ever very keen on Missions again after that.

Once again Ken Urq might be able to throw more light on it looking from the
top end.

Ken Urq was not on the ship, or not Pers Comm when the flap about Class
VIIIs going to mIssions arose.

My impressions regarding LRH and the Mission Network are general and over the
long term. The subject was not a big focus for him; he was content to leave
the work to Diana, who was CS-6, and the Mission Office WW. What irked him
more and more over time was that some of the Missions were so outstandingly
successful. This
irked him, I believe, for two reasons: it invited an unfavourable
comparison with the organizations and therefore with LRH himself; he saw
the successful Mission holders making fabulous amounts of money he couldn't
get his hands on. I
believe that this was largely the motivation behind the huge org stat
pushes of the seventies, and certainly of the destruction of the Mission
Network in the

He had a tendency to worship at the altar of the green-eyed goddess.



From: CliveIvy@aol.com
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 15:36:06 EDT
Subject: Re: IVySubs: LRH & Franchise/missions
To: ivy-subscribers@lightlink.com

Dear Ken,

I never really thought of the unfavourable comparison to the orgs as a point
but of course it must have been.

When you have such big Missions and 'Mission Groups' (such as Carl Barney's
LA SCS Missions and the Martin Samuel 'Davis' Missions) the comparisons are
invidious to the orgs.

Since for a long time LRH felt the only way he could guarantee tech quality
was through Central Orgs etc (HCO Pol I think of 1964 or early 1965 - don't
have to hand) then super successful Missions would reverse the polarity
this and
in the long run threaten the pgm to maintain Std Tech.

On the money side it is not real to me that LRH was in to that as I don't see
the evidence for that in the slightest but clearly your opinion is different
and I guess we may agree to disagree on that one.


Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 14:41:00 +0100
To: ivy-subscribers@lightlink.com
From: Antony Phillips
Subject: Re: IVySubs: LRH & Franchise/missions
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Dear ivy-subscriber,

I will add a little on this thread, which I saw in ivy-selections.

I joined Saint Hill UK staff in mid 1964, replacing Joe Breedon as central
Files and address. After a while I was appointed to part time Franchise
Officer, and I cant remember who I took over from. A month or so later I
was appointed full time Franchise Officer. Later Ron issued a Policy Letter
where he stated that they were looking at extra ways of making money and he
mentioned a few rather complex membership systems. He then stated that he
had looked at income statistics, and found that with out any attention,
Franchise was quietly producing income, so he made the post full time. I
was later replaced by Reg Sharpe and was "assigned" by Ron to Briefing
course and Power Processing (see later).

I had been a very unsuccessful Franchise Holder earlier. At that time one
paid 10% of ones Scientology Income weekly (in my case usually nothing) and
in return got an LRH issue every week (normally something Ron had just
written, he adding "Franchise" to the distribution) and nothing much else
(vaguely specified "help"). As Franchise Officer, I felt it a bit
unpleasant to take 10% and offer nothing in return, so I did what I could
to help by writing to Franchise holders (which was a full time job for me,
with a mechanical typewriter, or some times I got so sick of the mass of
the typewriter in front of me that I hand wrote letters for a period). I
saw to it that a Franchise mailing of an LRH issue did go out, and one week
(very unusually) nothing came down from Ron Marked "Franchise" amongst the
distribution, so I found one he had not issued and asked and got his
permission to send out Keeping Scientology Working, which is why "Franchise
(issued May 1965)" appeared at the end of the distribution of that Policy

I was left entirely alone in handling the hat (got no hatting) until Ron
tried to transfer me to another post. I quoted a policy to him that stated
a staff member could not be transferred without his own permission, and
found myself assigned to Level VI of the Briefing Course and Power
Processing when available (not a transfer!). I quoted to him that one had
to be a level IV before one took level VI, got a note back from Ron saying
that was alright, and a hand written note from Certs and Awards which read
something like "On orders from LRH you are awarded Honorary Class V" (which
is my present highest classification). At which I went off on the Level VI
theory (at that time things like making line plots, and clay GPMS very
large, and many times).

All best wishes,

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