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[This is a letter I sent to Ed Dawson and the reply I got, which somewhat
supplements the Pilot's Cosmic History.  Other reminiscences or data in the
same area welcome, AntAdmin]

See below:

--- Antony Phillips wrote:

> At 12:16 04/06/2005 -0700, Ed Dawson wrote:
> big snip
> >Polar Dynamics 2, when it is finished, will be a second book. At the moment
> >it is stalled at about 1/3 written. At the moment we are working on
> >finishing a book on GPM archetypes (also called TERMINALS in scientology)
> >explained using a traditional Nigerian nomenclature.
> >regards
> >Ed
> Dear Ed and Max,
> Oh great!
> I am a pretty slow reader.  Have read a bit more [Polar Dynamics 1] over
the weekend at my
> girl friend's, and am thrilled (I refer to the glossary
> frequently).  Reached page 120
> At the moment it is glorious to see a book which refers (revealingly) to
> various things I regard as "MetaScientology" (Includes "descendents" of
> Scientology -  the only thing I see mentioned which I don't think is
> descended is NLP), but which no where uses the word Scientology, and
> pointing out possible weaknesses -  Lovely.

Thank you.

> I do find it very interesting.
> Let me put a seed into what looks like very fertile ground.  As
> background,
> I have studied (and send out regularly on the list superscio-l) the
> Pilot's
> Cosmic History.  Find it interesting.
> But it has aroused my curiosity in this area.
> What is the history of the development of the Human body (and animal
> bodies, which for example in digestive systems, seem to be prototypes to
> human).


My personal whole track recall includes bodies far back which were not
bodies, at first a personal home universe which was each individual's own
"space". Then later an energy field called by Hubbard the "spirit body" or
"theta body". And also using crystalline geometric patterns in three
dimensions, and which we did not exteriorize into; they were art, not
bodies, but they were often used as identification like a badge or mask. I
also recall much more recently in the magical pre-MEST period that we used
three dimensional shapes as terminals for us to communicate to each other
which were much lower energy, nowadays called an "astral body".

All previous "bodies" still exist in some form into PT. A thetan cannot
operate a meat body without a field of effort energy (the so-called etheric
double) around the meat. And the thetan cannot operate an etheric double
without an astral body made of emotional wavelengths. And the thetan cannot
operate an astral body without surrounding it with a theta body. But the
theta body is dependent on a vibrational "symbol" (theta signature) and that
theta signature (a mask I believe Ken Ogger calls it) is generated from the
personal "home" universe each being maintains, and from which home universe
it remains separate from God (separated from full unity which is above

NONE OF THESE WERE LOST. The "fall of home universes" into one another did
not destroy each, but merely linked them to create the MEST universe. There
was/is an intact home universe, usually in horrible disrepair, for each
individual. I can go to mine, and it is small and cramped and musty, but it
is there. Each of us wears a Mask. Each of us has a theta body (higher
thought wavelengths) maybe 40-50 feet in diameter (You are a European,
sorry, what is that in meters?). Each of us wears an astral body (emotion
wavelengths). Each of us wears an etheric double (effort wavelengths).

The meat body is more recent and these were developed using the usual
templates of reality based on the numbers 2, 3 and 4. 2 is the binary split
template. 3 is the triangle template. And 4 is the "level of four" template
mentioned in Polar Dynamics. Meat body DNA is a fractal of the 4 template,
which is of course based on the binary splits. All processes operate by
graduated growth and decay, which is the 3 template and the triangles.

All processes in a meat body operate from spiritual templates. In fact all
systems and objects are templated in what Plato described, and is now known
as Platonian archetypes (not to be confused with Jungian archetypes, which
are the personality types based on GPMs and their TERMINALS and OPPTERMS). A
Platonian archetype is the "basic-basic" of each sort of thing in existence.

Digestion is pretty lowscale, and is a lower scale form of female
(receptive) function, operating at a material level (to Max: the Yemanja

I hope this overview is to your satisfaction.
> For example, who when where and why compiled what appears to be a
> tri.decimal (not sure of the word, not binary, not decimal, three numerals)
> programming language which appears in the DNA.
> And who, how and when "mocked up" the present physical universe (atoms
> molecules, peculiar behaviou of water between 0 and -4   etc. etc. etc.)
> etc. etc.
> I suppose this has a lower priority than the interesting project Ed names.
> Perhaps you know of references in that sort of direction.
> All the best,
> Ant

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