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[The background is that Mark sent to the list a fairly long letter saying
that he was leaving the list becasue there was little life in the list, and
mentioning that when he did write to the list he got no acknowledgement or
comment. Mark asked to be taken off, was told how to take himself off, and
had done so before thie following letter came through. There is an IVy list
at the moment (2005) studying the PDC lectures) Ant]

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Dear Ant and Mark;

What I saw occurring in your communications was just the reason I
continue to read and occasionally respond/originate to this list.  There
is a restrained, thoughtful and respectful acknowledgement of another's
viewpoint, and then an origination from your/another viewpoint.  It has
to do with clean communication, honest duplication, and validation.  I
envision such clean communication as being a reflection of individuals
who have attained Independent Beings, and this format is their way, as
they come down, to communicate.  Reference 22Dec1960, O--W a Limited
Theory, there was a list I recently posted here.

This I take to indicate a mature and seasoned format, the IVy list,  that
appeals to me (am I giving away that I am getting up in years and the
fires that drive youth are cooled?).

When I have posed a question on the list, as to what tech did anyone have
on dying that enhanced or complimented the Tibetan books on the subject,
I have gotten responses that were most welcome and useful.  From time to
time I have responded to another's question or problem, and in these
instances I have drafted a response and then edited it several times to
get it right before I send the e-mail.

Further along in the PDC tapes, (we are currently listening to #37),  Ron
posed the question to the attendees.....  do you wonder why there are
only 27( or whatever the number was) of you here that are listening to
these lectures?  ...  There will NEVER be great hordes of people seeking
truth at this level.  The old man was not joking.  Of ALL the people I
made contact with from 1967 to 1982 when I was active in the church, less
than 20-30 are still active----- in or out of the church.  It is not that
we are elitist, it is simply that there are few who wish to hew close to
the road Ron generated and to gain a matured viewpoint of what truths
Ron was pointing us towards.  And who persist.

I do read other formats on the web, and I do entertain differing
approaches and viewpoints, but I am most happy to have this list to read
and write to, and I do so with the respect that I would give an auditing

Best, Jim

PS. As an additional thought I refer again to Ron and the PDC lectures,
the one on games.  A thetan has two rights: The right to one's own
sanity; And, a right to leave a game.  So Mark's leaving was clean and
your release of him from this game was also clean.  This shows the rest
of us how free and independent beings might behave.

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Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 17:48:55 +0200
From: Martin Foster
Subject: Re: IVySubs: and Other sites.
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At  04/06/2005  06:08 AM  Saturday, wrote:
>I do read other formats on the web, and I do entertain differing
>approaches and viewpoints, but I am most happy to have this list to read
>and write to, and I do so with the  respect that I would give an auditing

I agree Jim, Ivy subs is "home".

I, too,  have sojourned on other sites.

After spending time on  "The society of voluble victims", "The Chaperones
of the Chronicles" and "The new Discoverer's"  I need to come home to the
sanity of Ivy.


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