From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 20 - January 1995

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Book News:

Ellen Jones - Beloved Enemy

This is the second historical novel that Ellen has written,
the first being The Fatal Crown. Mark Jones, her husband says
'Both are accurately based on English, French and German history
in the 12th century where I think she may have lived at the time.'
Ellen has been Qual Sec and OES at London org, as well putting
in missions in Tokyo, Washington DC, Santa Clara. So if you want a
bit of track stuff written by a scientologist, here is one to try.
Beloved Enemy is now being published in Germany.

Costs $23.00 in the USA, and available at ordinary bookstores.
The Fatal Crown is also published in France, Italy, Spain and shortly
in Germany.

L.Kin's The Pied Piper of Heaven, seems to be rather a controversial
book. We were not in time to get any comments in this issue, but hope
to do so in IVy 21.