From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 20 - January 1995

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New Realities

By Mark Jones, USA

Psychic healing; a means of personal expansion

THE CONCEPT OF PSYCHIC HEALING may restimulate images which range
from producing miraculous changes to just 'other non standard'
squirrelling practices. Of course one of the objectives of auditing
is to produce various forms of psychic healing, so our images may
relate more to means than to ends.

I have been studying and developing some abilities dealing with
healing in the last few months, so I'll describe some experiences
and the premises on which they are based. Since hearing about them,
experiencing certain subjective changes in myself, and learning
of those of others, I hope they will be of some interest to IVy

What is psychic healing based on?

The premise on which psychic healing is based is that as thetans we
create various energy patterns. One of these is called our astral
body. The energy and vibrational patterns which define it aren't
visible within the range of frequencies of our eyes. So until we
other means of perception, they are theoretical.

One popular approach to developing greater sensitivity of perception
of the energy patterns which make up the astral body is to learn to
see through the 'third eye' in our foreheads. However, while
it's desirable to be able to see energy patterns, it isn't essential
in order to produce psychic healings.

New Zealand psychic healer's approach

A famous psychic healer from New Zealand, Colin Lambert, recently
gave some demonstrations and half day training sessions to enable
the participants across the U.S. to recognize and use their abilities
for psychic healing. He'd developed a keen sensitivity in his hands
for feeling energies, and by moving his hands just above the skin
of an ailing person's body, could locate the ridges and energy
in the auric(1)field of a person which were causing ailments.  He'd
done over
30,000 of what he described as successful healings. The demonstration
that he did before the audience on severely ill and incapacitated
persons revealed that he could produce significant changes.

Then, one by one, he had each of the twenty participants run their
hands over the surface of an ill person's body, until each became
sensitive to the subtle energy differences and could eliminate
the negative energy by vigorously removing it with their hands.
Since then, several have continued to develop their skills at feeling
negative energies above the surface of an ailing person's body, and
eliminating them, bringing about physical changes. At home we've used
this simple procedure to remove pain and immobility from our backs.

Other forms of psychic healing

Another form of psychic healing is that of opening up to the healing
energies of the universe. These are given many different names, each
based on the premise that Godlike or angelic vibrations and energies
exist which by nature are healing or loving, and by tuning into these,
one can effect healings. Since individuals vary greatly on their
to these energies, most people need some self development to become
open to and a channel for them.

An individual's sensitivities to and responsiveness to these energies
can be enhanced by sound, by light and color, through meditation and
through a focus of feeling on a vibration which could be given the
name of love or inner ecstasy. In the U.S. a lady by the name of
Edwards has accomplished phenomenal healing results by the use of
sound. How well she can teach others to achieve these results is still
in question.

Class training and experiences

The class I've been taking on psychic healing is taught via a person
or medium who channels non physical beings and healing sources. These
sources identify themselves as doctors, and acting through the
channel, provide guidance to each student on how to increase his or
her sensitivity to healing energies and their application. Aside
from having developed an openness to others through TRs, I personally
felt like an insensitive 'bumpkin' in feeling and dealing
with these energies. Fortunately, I was encouraged to tune into my
innate feelings of love and desire to heal, and to do whatever came
naturally. Having watched the 'channel' effect healings, and
having personally experienced the energies and changes that resulted,
I managed to throw off enough self consciousness to 'do my thing',
strictly 'bumpkin' style. This was accompanied by background
music which I would describe as very powerfully 'thetanesk',
and spiritually exciting, along with occasional overhead light color
changes appropriate to the conditions being treated. (There exists
a whole technology on the use of color in healing. Various physical
conditions respond to particular colors. Different colors are
by changes in the lighting in the room, and also by the healer
appropriate colors in his healing vibrations or energies.)

Quite magically for me, those who were brave enough to be my 'guinea
pigs' reported considerable improvement in the quality of their
bodily energy flows. Since I didn't offer any bribes, I had to
that even psychic healing delivered 'bumpkin style' had some
effectiveness. Then, after trying it out at home on a skeptical
recipient who was in so much discomfort that she didn't want to
be touched and getting very positive feedback I was further

From personally receiving psychic healings I've noted quite marked
changes in my psychic and emotional states. I operate at a higher
ARC level, have greater tolerance for randomity, and my activities
in life are much easier and more tranquil. I'd experienced similar
states at various times in auditing, but these recent ones seem
to be coming from some deeper, more stable levels.

Psychic healing is a starting point

Fortunately, what I've described is not an end point but a starting
point. The members of the class are each developing their talents
in particular areas. Some have begun to do automatic writing
as Jane Roberts did for the volumes of revealing information and
published in the volumes of SETH materials. Others are developing
their abilities to do direct channelling. While being tentative and
uncertain at first, they are becoming more positive and their insights
more revealing. Still others are developing their skills at automatic
drawing with their eyes closed; drawings which were primitive at first
but are now evolving into more and more complete drawings.

Psychic healing a focus of natural talents

Psychic healing is a procedure of focusing natural talents of feeling
and perception to change the patterns of energy in a person's auric
field. (The energy patterns that form the body are transformed from
the auric field). By improving the energy patterns in the auric field,
the energy patterns in the body will improve. As it does, both
psychic and physical healing will take place.

Since our relationships with others are influenced by the nature of
our psychic vibrations, psychic healing can also produce marked
in our family and other relationships. It definitely has in mine and
in other's I know. In a sense, it's a means for taking responsibility
for creating ourselves with new patterns filled with more love,
and synchronizity within ourselves, with others
and all of existence.

Side note:

You may be able to find a good book in the library: The Personal
Aura, by Dora van Gelder Kunz, Quest Books, The Theosophical
house, London, England.

I've found that my sensitivity to individuals' energy patterns
has been heightened by TRs drills, but not introvertive ones done
without blinking. For those interested in a more complete written
rundown of psychic healing procedures, I can provide a simple one
and a cassette with suitable background music for $10 or equivalent,
and also, used SETH books at cost plus postage. Mark Jones, 3400 Ben
Lomond Pl. #123  Los Angeles   CA 90027 USA

(1)Aura: An invisible atmosphere supposedly arising from
and surrounding a person or thing. Webster's New Twentieth Century
Dictionary.Auric is the adjective describing this type of field.