From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 20 - January 1995

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What happened to the comm-lag?

by Tron Enger, Norway

IN MY OPINION, one of the most important things is to communicate.
I didn't know how much I had missed communication until I joined the
Internet. I thought everything was just fine.

One day I bought a modem. Much too slow, but it was OK. Then I

Well, it wasn't that easy. I realised I didn't know anything. At the
same time I saw an offer; the book: Internet for Dummies and
a little guide with the same name, and 1 year connection to Internet
for a reasonable price. I also bought the book Modems for Dummies.
Good investment. Very soon I started to call BBSes (local machines)
to test it all out. It worked fine.

Soon after, I 'had to' buy a new modem. It all took too long


Then I subscribed to 'alt.religion.scientology'. My God, it
was noisy. A lot of traffic, but also a lot of garbage. That group
lasted for about two days. Then ''.
Much better. Then I contacted some people that had been writing
articles in IVy, and suddenly it got very interesting. Several
people responded. I found myself communicating with people all over
the world, interested in the same thing as myself. The Tech, TROM,
Balancing and Polarity Integration. I found out how trapped I had
been. (I know, it's my own fault.)

I've had wonderful days since I joined the Internet. If things get
boring, I'll just post a letter to one of the groups to stir things
up. (No, just kidding!) At the moment I'm learning, and won't be a
part of the broad, deep discussions for a long time. (What a nice

Remote auditing.

A. Cybernaut also writes about auditing taking place across the
Interesting idea. But what about the 'Living Communication'
as Todde Salen would have said? I feel immediately that there
is something missing. The intimate contact between auditor and PC,
the auditor's creativity based on his actual affinity toward his
PC. I can't imagine that anything can replace that? Maybe others
would like to comment on that.

Do you want to expand? Then, join Internet. It's amazing. If you ever
take the chance, write me an e-mail letter at: