From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 20 - January 1995

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Munich Convention

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

ON THE FRONT of this issue we have the logo which was created for
the October conference in England, and below you have the logo, an
impression of the distinctive part of the Munich skyline, which
was made for the Munich Convention last November. Two greatly
meetings, but both full of live communication, interest and

What was the difference? Basically in organisation and expense. The
English conference (one of a series of half yearly conferences) was
a simple one day affair, in a hired room, with relatively inexpensive
lunch served in the room by the voluntary helpers to the conference.
That of course gave a cheap conference. The Munich one was perhaps
the extreme opposite. Organised by the Munich area of the Free Zone,
it took place over two days (Friday evening to Sunday lunch time)
in a hotel, with good hotel meals, rooms, and excellent conference
type lecture facilities. It was part of a series of once a year
Conventions in different European countries (last year was in France).

There were coffee and meal breaks in both meetings, and, needless
to say (for scientologists, anyway) they were adequately used by
to talk to old friends and form new friendships. In Munich, where
there were about 100 participants, there were usually two talks,
or workshops going on at the same time, and one had to choose which
one to go to. The one took place in the large Pavilion, where there
was simultaneous translation available in German, French and English,
and the other in one of the smaller  rooms where translation occurred
after the original speaker had said a phrase or sentence. Thus the
language barrier was handled for the participants.

And who were those participants? Apart from coming from many European
countries there were also participants from Brazil, USA, New Zealand,
and Australia

Five minute talks

Saturday opened with a series of 'Five Minute Talks' (actually
a little longer than five minutes). Amongst them was a talk by
a funny young fellow, rather fanatical about communication, and the
basics of scientology, who turned out to be trying to sell a magazine
called International Viewpoints to increase communication.

Flemming Funch, who has been president of the California Association
of Dianetic Auditors (CADA), gave a talk on it. This organisation
was founded in 1950 and has always been independent of an Scientology
organisation, and Flemming told of its history and aims.  Data can
be obtained from CADA. 1147 E. Broadway, #235, Glendale, CA 91205.


During the Convention a bookstore was open where about ten individuals
displayed various wares amongst them that fellow getting subscriptions
for International Viewpoints. There were about five selling
books of various kinds, one selling health products, three displaying
meters, and one videos.

On the meter stands I noticed a meter from New Zealand which had an
automatic Tone Arm Counter which did not show body motion. Once I
did not believe it was possible to make an Emeter without a physical
Tone Arm. I have been using one for six months (The Ability Meter).
When I heard that there was a meter with an electronic Tone Arm
which was not affected by Body Motion I did not believe that. But
at Munich I took the cans, and saw the lack of Tone Arm Count when
I let go of one can and when I scratched myself vigorously. I
it took two years to design the circuit. There were also meters where
the Tone Arm counter could be controlled by needle movement, or
Tone Arm movement. I understand that there are plans for making
which would enable a portable computer to be used as an Emeter, where
you could use part of the screen for displaying meter data and part
the appropriate list from the computers memory, or write in admin,
and also a project for making a cheaper good quality meter.

Allan Wright, who was an Academy supervisor in the church in Australia
for six years, displayed part of the project he is working on.
He bases it on the fact that since the 50's a big change has taken
place and nowadays many people do not readily receive written data,
but are accustomed to and welcome visual and aural data. So he is
engaged in producing a series to teach auditing and associated skills
by video. The one nearing completion is aimed to help already trained
auditors who may or may not be practising to get and successfully
work with new public preclears. We have been promised a pre-release
copy for review.


After the usual good buffet dinner on Saturday night, there was
Singer accompanied by piano; piano solo; a ballet which I took
to be based on early track events. All excellent and  extremely well

The lectures

There were twelve lectures in all, and amongst the subjects were
ancient Celtic knowledge, workshop for C/Ss, How to exteriorise, the
tech, the holographic universe, body org, partnership (2D), legal
matters workshop, Group aberration, wins and losses during
and the position of the free zone now and in the future.

Next year

A similar Convention will be held in the autumn next year. I can only
ally myself with the fellow earlier mentioned who was selling
Viewpoints. Communication is a good thing. Not only reading IVy
at home, perhaps in bed, not only meeting friends, in person, on the
phone or through Internet. But also those exciting things called
or Conventions. So plan to come to next Autumn's conference. If you
have not got a local terminal to give you details - write to me.
Costs are always around 500-550 DM for the whole weekend, including
food and hotel. Set yourself a target - I look forward to enjoying
it with you.