From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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Bus Fares (or On The Road Again)

By Jim Burtles, England

Actually, there had not been a lot of fuss.

In reality, I had just stepped off the bus.

I simply knew that I could not afford the fare

And so, of course, I felt unwelcome there.

Without the essential - money with which to pay.

Just by the side of the Road to Somewhere, I lay.

I sat dreaming about some far off lands,

And wearily contemplated my empty hands.

I had heard of a wondrous Bridge, some way ahead,

'Of priceless beauty' the uniformed man had said.

So, without the price, price-less I just stood around

Feeling rather out but not yet completely down.

Now I can see those golden coaches for what they are,

No different from a heavily armoured car!

Today I happily ride on a horse and cart,

Cosier and warmer, it's cheaper for a start.

A shining new Bridge is now clearly in my view,

It may not be priceless but it will surely do.

It goes to exactly where I would wish to be,

What is more, it starts right here, for you and me.

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