From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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A possible goal

By James Moore, England

Here is a suggestion for a goal, at least for some valiant group
free scientology. Find out and publicise the reason for scientology's

I regard scientology as having, comparatively speaking, failed,
it has such a bad reputation, and groups are furthering the basic
(good) principles of scientology under other names, and denying
with scientology, because of this bad reputation.

It compares very badly with two movements I happened to have studied
a bit, Sai Baba and Silva. Both these have a good, or neutral,
amongst the public. Jose Silva had troubles with both the Roman
Catholic Church, which wanted to excommunicate him, and the medical
profession, and these sort of difficulties he handled using ARC (the
theory of which he didn't know). Compare this with scientology, which
in many quarters seems to be regarded as a cult not much better than
the perpertrators of Jonestown and Waco.

For my money, I suspect that the result that such a group will come
up with is that there is a missing lower level, which has very simply
a lot to do with the two H's: humbleness and honesty.

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