From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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The Creation of TROM

By Dennis H. Stephens, Australia

The resolution of Mankind's social problems ultimately depends
on a  solution to problems of the human mind. But this requires both
a technology and its application.

And it would be useless if a highly-skilled, highly-trained
was also needed, because the technology would be available only
to the affluent - leaving the majority of humanity unchanged.

Thus, the technology of the mind must be usable on either a co-audit
basis (people helping each other free of charge) or a do-it-yourself
basis. In 1950, when L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics, the Modern
Science of Mental Health, he offered a co-audit route. Two factors
prevented this route from being achieved: preclears varied in
of case; and auditors varied in skill. Ron had no solution to the
problem, nor did I, and the only route we could go down was that of
professional training.


(Good natural auditors armed with Book One, facing an easily-running
preclear, did achieve incredible results, but poor auditors
difficult cases got absolutely nowhere.)

Professional training was the optimum way to go at the time. In 1953
and '54, we HASI London auditors used to burn the midnight oil talking
about clearing the planet on a co-audit basis, but it seemed a
dream. I used to raise the idea of a do-it-yourself technology, but
the mechanics of Dianetics and of the mind seemed to rule that out.

There are such things as engrams, which can be restimulated, cutting
analytical mind out of circuit, producing abberated behaviour. A
in the presence of these highly-charged incidents, will experience
a shut-down of his analytical mind. He could not then handle the
himself, therefore must have a separate therapist as a guide. That
made a lot of sense in the early Fifties.

Yet the simple truth remained. If we were to get a cleared planet,
it would be be achieved only by either co-auditing or on a
basis. We professionals knew it, and anyone who thinks about it
knows it. As well - it cannot be done on a pay basis.

Years later, I resurrected the problem on a very quiet, peaceful
evening. I was on a Sydney Harbour ferry going from Sydney to the
suburb where I lived, and my mind was particularly clear that evening
in the beautiful surroundings. Suddenly, I thought: What exactly are
the factors involved here?


This meant questioning Ron's analysis of the problem. He had concluded
that a separate therapist was vital, and the evidence had seemed to
say that he was right. I had to question this. When I got home, I
went to my study, took out a sheet of paper and wrote down exactly
what is the function of an auditor in session.

And I wrote down on another sheet of paper exactly what the preclear
does and what is his function in the session. Then I said to myself:
Well, if it is going to be a do-it-yourself therapy, the preclear
is going to have to run both the auditor's role and the preclear's
role simultaneously - but how can he do this when he's dealing
with his reactive bank, which is going to cut out his analytical mind?

I put that to one side with a question mark, and asked: What is
restimulation? It is an incident from the past moving into the
affecting the analytical mind even to the point of cutting out that
mind completeley.

Then I recalled what I regard as one of Ron's great discoveries: if
you can get the preclear to do consciously that which his mind does
automatically, he will regain control of that function of his psyche.

So maybe the problem would crack if the person, on a do-it-yourself
basis, were to take things out of his past and bring them into the
present and put them back out into the past again, and bring them
into the present... To learn how to do consciously what his reactive
mind does automatically, to start to take over the automaticity.

Then and there, I knew I'd cracked it. That had been the missing
The analytical part of the psyche can duplicate exactly what the
mind can do.

The analytical faculty has at its disposal the creative faculty of
the whole spiritual being, and can simulate, create, bring about,
mock up, do exactly what the reactive part of the mind is doing.
the analytical part of the mind has decided not to do this, but it
can learn (or relearn) how to do so.

The next day, I got to work on the technique. It was not long before
I spotted precisely what needed to be done, and this became the first
step of the do-it-yourself procedure that is now called TROM,
The Resolution of Mind. I started to apply this to myself,
tested it, and found that it did not need any modification. It was
right. And it did the trick.

Take over

I learnt to take over the automaticity of my own reactive bank.
there was nothing the bank could throw at me that I could not handle,
for I could do consciously what it was doing. The bank could
engrams? Me too; it had no power over me any more. This was proved
by the E-meter, which was just sitting there idly. I could think
all over my past. Nothing moved. I had broken the automaticity.

That was the first step. The second step followed immediately from
step one, and was a direct extension of the abilities regained at
step one. These techniques are written up in TROM.

I ran step two absolutely flat and achieved much more case gain -
serenity, enormous mental calmness. (I can become completely and
calm at a moment's notice.) At this point, I abandoned the use of
the meter, because my own sense of what was happening in my mind was
equal to what the E-meter could tell me. I would know before the meter
gave its read, look at it, realise what the read was, spot it, and
the read would go off the meter.

Life is more perceptive than any mechanical device.

Quickly, I realised that, if I were to tell people about this
I had to find out if they could use it. Was there a case level below
which a person should not work solo? Yes, and I rapidly devised
an auditing command by which a person determines whether they are
above or below this level, which has become a new Level One. (The
original first level became Level Two, and the old second level became
Level Three.)


In TROM, Level One finds out if the person is sufficiently
mentally stable to run do-it-yourself. How stable does a person have
to be? It is not very high. Remember the old CCH levels? If a person
needs the old CCHs to be run, then those should be run on him by an
auditor before he solos onto Level Two, then Level Three.

From my experience as an auditor, from that of other auditors and
by what Ron said on the subject, only a very tiny proportion (about
5%) of humanity need running on the CCHs before doing subjective
That doesn't say that the 95% are easy cases, and the world is full
of tough cases that do not need the CCHs.

Interestingly, once such a CCH case has completed the CCHs, then does
Level One of TROM, he will find now that he is above that level,
will of course pass the test, and can now go on to Level Two and say
good-bye to the separate therapist.

So 95% of the human race can quickly start straight in at Level Two,
after testing and passing on Level One.

Well, I soon found myself sitting at the top of Level Three, wondering
where to go, and the only subject that was interesting me was that
of purposes, goals, raw postulates.

In the early 1960s, I had done the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course:
I reviewed everything I had learnt on that, but none of it helped.
Back on my own again, I learned how to handle postulates in conflict-
and found out that Ron had never learnt how to do it. There
was a certain fundamental truth in that area that he had not spotted.

My own techniques for resolving postulates in conflict handle correct
goals packages. I found what the true goals packages look like and
how to take them apart. You will find this, and it is in levels Four
and Five in TROM.

The research on goals and so forth took me about a year to iron out
and turned out to be a lot more complex than I had thought it would
be, especially Level Five. I understood why Ron had failed in 1960.
His efforts were valiant. He was almost doomed to fail.

The actual legs, the actual postulates of the true GPMs, aren't
in the bank. They're in the analytical mind.If you search in the
bank, you will do it all wrong.

It is an analytical construct, so they're in the analytical mind.
All that is in the bank is a mish-mash of wrong opposers. The lies.
The truth is in the analytical mind.

So the mistake Ron made on the subject of goals was to look into a
mass of lies, in the bank, for the truth. That is why the search went
on forever, and why he nearly killed himself in the 1960s.


It was a mistake he was almost doomed to make. I nearly made it, till
I realised it was darned near killing me too. I started off afresh
and spotted where the truth was, then got levels Four and Five.

Level Four is really just an introduction to Five, sort of cleaning
the charge off the major goals in this life time. A kind of lock
you might say, to take off some of the surface charge before getting
down to the nitty gritty.

The postulates themselves are Level Five. When I was about half way
through this level, an old Scientology chum showed me the materials
of all of Ron's upper levels, as far as the top of OT 7 or OT 8. I
took a rest from my own auditing to check through every one of these

OT 1, fine. OT 2, interesting but flat. I put myself back on the meter
for this but the only needle movement was overrun reads: I was trying
to make a process work that was flat. OT 3. I couldn't make it work,
it was all flat. And so on, each level: ran it, floating needle to
start with. If I started to run the process the needle would tighten.
Overrun? Yes. Needle frees up. Float. Trying to run a flat process
- overrun. Eventually....OT 7.

Then back from OT 1 to OT 7 again. All flat. That really shook me
rigid. Because here I was just half way through my own upper level

The best that Ron knew was flat already on my case. Later, I came
across levels above OT 7, and each of those was flat too.

The biggest difficulty a person will have with TROM is to get
started, for the average person has fought himself to a standstill
playing games with the mind and has been overwhelmed by the reactive

He might let a separate therapist tamper with it, but not do so
The cure for this is levels Two and Three of TROM, done
solo. Is there a Level Six? No. Five is the works.

You'll love TROM. When you read it, you'll sit round with your
friends and the urge will be to sit and talk about TROM forever,
and talk and talk and never do it! So it.

Now we can really achieve the goals that Ron set in 1950, and we can
clear the planet, for it can be done on a do-it-yourself basis. The
technology can be applied by anyone, regardless of the amount of money
or income he has or what- have-you.

Well, that is about the creation of TROM, and I wish you luck
with it.

Oh yes: Case Gains. TROM will erase all your aberrations and
you can be assured that whatever you have after you finish Level Five
will not be an aberration.

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