From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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New Realities

By Mark Jones, USA

Continuing Our Progress Toward Reaching Higher States

Each of us has our own unique concept of the nature of our higher
states. Most of us have devoted a great deal of time and attention
to reaching them. While our understanding of the nature of these
may change as we evolve, it's important at any given time to have
a clear concept of the states toward which we are working or moving.

While words and their definitions may convey intellectualized concepts
of states, they are not the experience. There are states that lie
outside the range of our physical perceptions and common experiences.
Attempts to define them may help us conceptualize them, but at the
same time may serve to limit or even confuse our subjective
A definition is only an abstraction of what it represents.

For example, one commonly used definition of a postulated state called
Operating Thetan is 'Willing and knowing cause over life, thought,
matter, energy, space and time.' Such definitions provide no clue
regarding the mental, emotional or ethical states of a being who has
some or many of these capabilities. For example, leaders such as
Ghandi and Hitler might be considered to have each displayed high
levels of cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time,
but the apparent ethical, emotional, spiritual, compassion and loving
aspect of their states varied widely.

Scientology uses definitions of grades and corresponding abilities
to indicate postulated states. Each individual is considered to have
a potential to operate as an OT, i.e., from the technical dictionary:
'willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy,
space and time.' To advance to higher levels processes are used
that involve: a. conscious direction of attention by questions and
recall; b. guidance into reverie and direction of attention to
and/or erase incidents in the reactive mind; c. direction of attention
to discover and sever influences from other entities; and d. conscious
visualization for out of body travel and experiences. An implied
for each action and level is a rise of an individual's emotional tone
and cause level.

Modern metaphysics(1) uses different concepts,
definitions and procedures. These apply more to upper levels than
to the grades. In using them an individual is considered to exist
on many levels such as body, emotional, mental, subconscious,
and levels of a higher consciousness. These describe different
or energy levels of which the higher ones are outside of space and
time. Early procedures focus on enabling the individual to recognize
and change limiting beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and the
behavioural patterns that the person has developed, which are limiting
his success and ability to achieve states and outcomes with attitudes
of consideration of others, love, compassion and forgiveness. The
subconscious mind is defined as the operating system in which we store
all data sensed in one lifetime. All information that comes to us
passes through the subconscious before it reaches us. It receives
and stores all data. It coordinates by chronology and time. It also
filters any information we put out. We have a subconscious mind for
each lifetime.

We can reach its content by assessing and following reads through
recall when we are following a chain of incidents; or when changing
limiting beliefs or programs we have stored, by using meditative,
visualization techniques. It responds to direction in symbols as a
person visualizes it in any imaginary form which is real to him. For
example, one often used in limiting belief changing is a room of
containing a belief book in which each particular limiting belief
is found on a page. By visualizing going down a staircase deep within
the earth, or in an elevator, cave, etc., and when there, finding
and entering the room of beliefs, seeing a limiting belief on the
first page, creating the feelings and emotions connected with it,
voiding the beliefs, tearing out and burning the page, and then
the positive belief on the new page while creating the feelings of
it; a person can make significant changes. Since an individual's self
image, the perception of others and the experiences one creates or
allows respond to these changes in a very positive way, major gains
can be achieved in a few hours, often five or less.

The unconscious mind is a storehouse for data from all lifetimes.
The powerful archetypal energies are a part of it. It contains the
shadow, which consists of all aspects of ourselves that we've shoved
aside and denied, including the love and joy we have rejected. It
holds the lost depth of the soul, and our passions, creativity, etc.
Since the ultimate evolutionary goal of many of us is to become
in the most positive, creative and loving sense; apects of our shadow,
which are often labelled as karma, keep emerging in each life time
to enable us to handle them until we do so.

The archetypes(2) are the raw energies of the universe. For example,
one of these is the magician, which is a dynamic representation of
the raw energy of the universe. Others are the old man or old woman,
representing death and rebirth, the fool, the high priest, the high
priestess representing power, etc. These and other archetype energies
are raw energies in the unconscious and are common to all lifetimes.

The use of visualization after reaching deep meditative states is
necessary to reach into the unconscious and effect changes in it.
Because the energies encountered are so powerful it is important to
have external guidance. By learning how to safely enter the
we can eliminate aspects of our shadows and ultimately become free
of karma.

(1)Metaphysics: 1 The branch of philosophy that
tries to explain reality and knowledge; study of the real nature of
things ... World Book Dictionary

(2)Archetype, the original model or pattern from which
copies are made, or out of which later forms develop; prototype. World
Book Dictionary

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