From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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London Spring Conference

By Britta Burtles, England

If our last conference was a big success, this one could be called
a 'deja vu', except that it was even better.

Terry Scott, the organiser and Ewa and Mick Manias, the 'organising
committee', did a fabulous job of putting it all together and creating
a smooth-running, inspiring day.

There were interesting talks from Raj Amodia about 'Operating
from Frank Leyden about Dianasis, from Jim Burtles about Anchor Points
and Monocosms, from Nick Brovenko about Energetics, from Allen Wright
about an efficient and fast method of training auditors and from John
Donaldson about the use of Scientology in Business. And last but maybe
not least, I invited the group to 'Aim Higher' towards that promised
land of a more advanced non-physical universe by challenging them
to look at and discuss my answers to three searching questions.
the end of the day Mick and Ewa led a discussion in which they
and gathered our ideas for the future of our group.

After each talk views and pictures were exchanged freely until we
were brought back to listen to the next speaker. Our needles floated
on light clouds of free theta and very good indicators were abounding.
We didn't really want to part at the end which truly was sweet sorrow.

On the more physical side, Ewa and her daughter Karen provided us
all with an endless supply of delicious food and drink throughout
the day.

We will meet again soon, and we are already looking forward to our
next conference on the 8th October 1994.

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