From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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by Terry E. Scott, England


I think that whoever invented the universe had a great deal of fun
in designing this and that and, above all, in mocking-up its various

Unlike some gloomy souls, I do not believe that the universe is
a trap-any more than one's mind is a trap... When all is said
and done, the physical universe is a thetan's toy, something that
is tremendous fun to play in and with.

As a parallel, creative processing is great recreation.

When I used to work in London, each morning I would travel by train
a distance of about 35 miles from a town east of the capital. Like
most commuters, I would read a newspaper. Like most of them, about
halfway through the journey, I would shut my eyes. Unlike them
(I suppose), I did creative processing (instead of dozing off).

This was a fun way of passing the time, for even though I was quite
able to confront the scenery, the suburbs of London aren't wildly
beautiful and, after the zillionth time, well! So I would create space
in my own universe and put out an anchor point ahead of me. Then one
behind. One left. One right. One above. One below.

The variations after that were almost infinite. They included
one or more anchor points, giving them color, changing their colors,
and much more.

My contact with mest space had not been lost and I'd know
where the train had got to. So, by the time we were within a couple
or three miles of the terminus station, I would begin to put my toys
away, ending with unmocking the basic set of anchor points I had set
up half an hour or so earlier.

And, what do you know? As the train slowed right down for its entrance
into the station and the carriage began to get a little noisy with
the hrrmpphhs and shufflings of people waking up (maybe they
had been watching late night TV movies the night before), I opened
the body's eyes and was totally in present time, fresh, and
alert. Typically, I felt just great! And was in an excellent frame
of mind for the next steps in a busy day.

I would usually arrive at work pretty darned fresh and looking forward
to tackling the day. Positive processing enhances beingness rather
than getting rid of undesirable qualities.

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