From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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Thoughts Inspired by...

...Raymond Kemp's 'is Scientology only Masculine?'(1)

By Britta Burtles, England

What a beautiful and inspiring article this is. I am reading it over
and over, to make sure I have given proper attention to every part
of it, and to gain deeper understanding of each section. I am always
longing to read more of how Ron worked.

For instance, I have always believed Scientology is a science, a
and a religion. A recent cognition I had was, that all the processes
and other data which make up the Tech, stem from Ron's philosophical
writing. And the next part of that cog was that Ron must have been
a very spiritual, even religious person; religious in the most
basic sense of the word, meaning 'binding back' or 'binding

In earlier years, when I read Ron's philosophical texts, I thought
I understood them. After finishing AA7(2),
and the L's about 2 years ago, the 8th Dynamic
suddenly opened up for me, and since then, when I read his 'basics'
or any of his articles or books, I find they now have a new and vastly
more beautiful and significant meaning than before.

Ron's genius.

Since then I have also been thinking, if all his philosophical writing
was further researched and converted into processes, maybe Man could
in fact gain 'total freedom' sooner rather than later. This,
of course, would need someone with Ron's genius, his level of
and spirituality, and the ability to duplicate and thus fully
Ron's writing. In my view that person would also have to be as
astute an auditor, and as dedicated to man's spiritual progress, as
he was.

However, 'to really understand the real beauty of Ron's stated
philosophy', I did not have to 'suspend all prior beliefs'.
Via cognitions they gradually changed where change made sense, while
I progressed up the Bridge. But I certainly had to train up to
Class 4 and I had to meticulously and thoroughly do all the Grades
up to AA7. When in doubt, I would over- rather than underrun, to make
absolutely sure I was getting all the gains possible from each grade.
Not only that, now I know with certainty, that this is the only way
I could have got to where I am now. A new door opened in my life which
lead me to a joyful comprehension of the 8th Dynamic, our bridge to
a more advanced universe.

Yes, Ray, your article has helped me, and I thank you for it.

(1)IVy 15, page 21.

(2)AA7: Advanced ability /,comparable with OT7, Ed

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