From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 17 - June 1994
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Int/Ext Phenomena

By Flemming Funch, USA(1)

Problems with exteriorization appear to be a result of too limited
an idea about oneself. Specifically it seems to be the act of
having multiple viewpoints at the same time that might cause some

If one firmly believes that one has only one viewpoint, or
even worse that one is just one viewpoint, there is a certain
scarcity. One is then not able to be comfortable about handling

If one considers oneself being a spiritual unit, a Thetan, stuck
the head of a body, one can maintain a fairly consistent view on the
world. You might consider that there is one you, and then there is
everything else.

Multiple Viewpoints

However, if one suddenly experiences a viewpoint outside the body
and one realizes that one can be able to be focused more there than
in the body, then one might get confused. Because there is still a
body viewpoint, and then there is this new viewpoint outside. 'Help,
that doesn't add up, there is one too many!' The person would
then try to figure out which one is the real one and that would get
him to spin. If he favors the outside viewpoint and invalidates
the inside viewpoint then the inside one can't as-is anything. It
begins to build up mass and that is likely to lead to headaches and
so forth.

Eventually the person might settle down on one or the other. He might
just go back to being one viewpoint in his head and not worry about
it any more. Or he might become more comfortable about the outside
viewpoint, stop Q&Aing about it, and decide once and for all that
the inside viewpoint isn't him.

What to do

A traditional Int Rundown would balance the flows of going in and
out. Instead of just being set on going out and being overrun on going
in one can become more comfortable with both. This is done by running
times of going in to take the automaticities out of it. Probably the
person would end up being comfortable with both viewpoints. In or
out, no big deal.

But I would say that the need for running an Int Rundown in the first
place comes out of the belief in the idea that you are one thetan
in a body and that you ought to get out as quickly as possible. A
belief in the scarcity of viewpoints basically.

I hadn't seen a need for running an Int RD for years and I was
why. This seems to explain it. I generally wouldn't try to sell people
the idea that there is a scarcity of viewpoints.

Any inclination to out-int phenomena would probably be sorted out
by clearing up false data on the subject and by becoming more
with multiple viewpoints.

The out-int confusion is a little akin to the 8th dynamic 'oneness'
confusion. The idea that you are only ONE opens up the door to some
mix-ups. You are probably better off thinking that you are either
Zero, i.e. a Static, or as Many as you need to be, i.e. an abundance
of viewpoints.

(1)Page 205 of Flemming
Funch's Technical Essays, Technical Essay # 121 17 December
1992. These books can be obtained direct from Flemming.  The Address
Flemming Funch, 7448 Oak Park Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA, or:
Scandinavien readers may be interested to know that a translation to
Danish of Essay #1
has appeared in Uafhngige Synspunkter, M21, March 1993. Ed

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