From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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You're a Thetan, Too

Jim Burtles, England

'Tell me Thetan(1), if you're so bloody clever

How come you don't live forever?'

'Well, young man, I think you've guessed,

What I seem to be is only MEST(2)'

'My spirit is the part that knows,

and leaves this body when it goes.

I'll return again, as a little one,

as I always have, since time begun.'

'Thetan, I do find that hard to swallow.

You say there's another life to follow?'

'Of course, I doubted once, just like you

Before I came to know it to be true.'

'You and I are very much the same.

This life on Earth is just another game,

complete with rules and some prizes too.

I am a thetan; but then so are you!'

(1)Thetan - The traditional symbol
for thought or spirit is the Greek letter, theta, q . A Thetan
is the individual himself.

(2)MEST - Abbreviation for
Mass, Energy, Space and Time which are the material elements of the
physical universe.

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