From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Letter from Tools for Thought

The Insight Project:

Uncovering the Roots of Human Nature

Irene Mumford's original work on Dianasis was inspired
by scientology principles; in particular, the Axioms and the GPM tech
of the early 60s, and the phenomena of the Between Lives Implant.
Through application of Dianasis, however, Irene discovered many
which were not contained within scientology, and on the upper Parts
of Dianasis, she found that even the scientology principles needed
substantial revision.

Since Irene's death, her son Gregory Mitchell has re-launched
the subject under a new title - The Insight Project - and
has begun to incorporate Irene's later thinking into revised
that are both more effective and better presented and explained.

The Project has also become part of a system of personal
development which has a much wider technical base than that of
The Mental Development System - the result of 25 years' research -
incorporates those techniques that have been proven to be the
most valuable, drawn world-wide from psychologies and applied
both past and present. It is an ever-growing and open system, and
because its structure is soundly based, the whole is much greater
than the sum of its parts.

The Mental Development System provides an ideal route
onto The Insight Project, and its technologies also provide a solution
to the problems which scientologists experience in their spiritual
development, due to past misguided conditioning within the scientology

Our new technology - incorporating the Bilateral
Meter - uncovers the very roots of human nature, that hold the
spiritual being in a dilemma of identity, to which he has previously
succumbed. These roots lead to past lives, human genetics, the
trauma of infancy and ever-present cultural conditioning. All must
be reliably handled, before the spiritual path is realistically
to follow.

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