From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Continuous creation

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

Many things in scn excited me. One of the early ones was the cycle
of action: create, survive, destroy. And again in the 50's the
exciting idea was put forth that this was only an apparent cycle.
The true cycle of action is described in Fundamentals
of Thought. What struck home to me was that you could
not create something and expect it automatically to survive. If you
didn't continuously create its existence it would succumb.

True the continuous creation after the initial creation was not
as strenuous. Having built a house (created it), one occasionally
painted it and made sure necessary small repairs were made. Also one
used the vacuum cleaner now and then.

A marriage took some creating. But if one did not make some smaller
effort to continue creating it, the result, in effect, was no

The group was continuously created for us by an organisation,
which later called itself a church. Some of us helped by working
up to 24 hours a day, other by paying fees. That organisation
our freedom. We left it. Some never went into the trap.

So who is continuously creating the group now? You and I. We no longer
get glossy magazines  about our group sent for free. We pay
for IVy, The Free Spirit, etc. And many help with
writing, typing, proofing, printing, distributing, and passing on
the good news that these magazines exist. A pat on the back to all.
Well done.

Once (in the 50's) the org arranged conferences, and it still arranges
get togethers. Now we have freedom to do those things ourselves, the
way we want it. Aren't we lucky! Another back pat.

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