From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Old times ...

By Doro Richter, Germany

Once in a while I run into some people, who joined the Free Zone after
the big Exodus in the early eighties, and who want to know some data
about the history of independent Scientology. It seems that these
data are harder to get every year. Many old-timers are still keeping
the data, but there are also many who just threw them away. But
the data are still around and they are still wanted.

So we decided to take some of the data, put them together, and made
them available for the public in book form. We called it the 'ROOTS'
project. It is incomplete, since we have used only Captain Bill, OTC
and Ron's Org as sources so far. There has been, and still is, much
more going on in the Free Zone than in these groups. My idea is
to get a timetrack - as complete as possible - of the Independent
Movement of Free Scientologists, which shows what has been going on
since 1982 up to PT.

This 'time track' should not be commentaries, but preferably
should be made up from all kinds of data such as lectures, debriefs,
letters, magazines, newsletters etc. And it should be available
for all independents.

If you want to help with this project, please get in touch with me,
Doro Richter, Friedlebenstr. 4 D-60433 Frankfurt/Main, Fax 069/518369

The book Roots of the OTC is obtainable from:
A. Groothlus, 35 Lingfield Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex England.
Price is DM 80.- or equivalent in  sterling or US$, outside
of Europe there is an extra 20 DM for postage. We hope to write a
review of the book in a future issue. Ed.

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