From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Is our affinity down?

By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

A friend rang, very angry. So-and-so was auditing X action, and didn't
he know that this was very harmful according to the red volumes when
the pc hadn't finished Y action? Could he have the auditor's phone
number? We agreed that I would speak to the auditor. This concerned
a training group, otherwise I suppose details of the auditing would
not have gone so far. So I told the leader of the group concerned.

Result was that my friend was told to mind his own business (it was
put much more politely).

Next day he rang me. I was not to tell the auditor. He was
not angry this time. In fact he said he had had a number of cognitions
concerning the matter, and told me at length.

He was not responsible for field auditing generally. When we split
from the church we should have established an ethics officer and other
posts, but now it was too late. We who split from the church had
for each other, based on church times, but we had no common reality.
So apart from meeting on social occasions it was best not to contact
each other.

I don't agree. We do disagree on some things, but we have broad goals
and many basics in common. The new freedom we have is a challenge.
Now we can do much more.

We should increase communication, with understanding of how
ARC works. We should be inventive. In present time. Not just repeating
last year's (or the church's) actions. We should be looking for new
ways to communicate with colleagues. Ways which suit the individual,
and the individual occasion.

Communication is the pay of life!

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