From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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... Evolvement - My View(1)

By Otto Roos, Holland

I was there during a great part of the times Mark writes about and
know that most of the organisational data he mentions is correct.
This also applies to large parts of what he says about the achieving,
and non achieving, of higher states.

In an earlier article, or in my debrief, I have given examples of
my own work as LRH Upper Level and OT Research Auditor. I have been
very much in personal contact with that part of Scn which used to
be called 'Para Scn'. Hence was exposed to and experienced
a lot of this aspect of research first hand both in its case technical
theory and practice.

The (not) missing item

Sure, Mark Jones has not fully attained parts of those states we are
inherently capable of achieving, nor has anybody else, INCLUDING LRH!
Aleister Crowley, yes, he did go wrong target in his effort to control
the 'receiving' Mark writes about. But LRH in the beginning
(as late as early 1968 that I personally know of) did 'not!'
He did know the correct item, and he permitted it to
be made known. It was through what HE told me that I could complete
the Conditions line-up by writing the LRH approved Flag Order
which gave the Top, the Basic, and the Summary of the Conditions,
i.e. the infinite item above Power, as CONTROL(2).

It wasn't only the 'receiving' he sought and intended to
teach all of us to control, but the item of 8C, so the Total
of Native State and Complete Knowingness itself! That alone can lead
to the ultimate state of FAITH!


As TOTAL CONTROL includes COMPLETE AFFINITY, there is, once total
8C has been achieved, no further barrier of dichotomy/duality to be
overcome. At that stage one is no longer at the point of being
but the potential effect of having to wait to receive from
another source the particle of Trust or Faith we ourselves
are lacking. The factors of Distance and Energy which inhibit ARC,
and which make up the scale of attitudes called AFFINITY, would no
longer exist as unwanted persisting barriers to be overcome. In their
stead would be the KNOWINGNESS, the CONTROL, the TRUST/FAITH that
certain happenings we decided should occur, in fact had already
occurred the very moment we decided they should.

An EP which was once assigned

The above would also be the point of CAUSE OVER TIME, which was -
and maybe still is on Flag today - the old EP of OT8. In the old
OT days, i.e. the days when a lot of research in 'OT phenomena'
was done on the Flag ship and ashore by LRH personally, and by the
research auditors under his direct Case Supervision in Las Palmas,
Spain, the Mediterranean, Corfu, Ibiza, and Corsica, 1967/8,
was gathered, and subjective realities obtained in and with a lot
of OT phenomena and data.

The universe of metaphysics

This has everything to do with the universe of metaphysics mentioned
by Mark. I was there when John McMaster (case supervised by LRH)
practised levitation (and broke his toe when he came crashing down
to earth!) We did a lot of these things, some of which were ordered
by LRH to be published (John Atack still has a copy of the Flag
describing some of the experiments and results we were involved
in at that time.)

It certainly made 'OT' very real. These auditing experiments
did more to create new realities than anything else I ever noticed,
or experienced.

Hence I cannot possibly see how anyone could say that LRH, or the
technology, was lacking in this realm, or in its allied field of
new spiritual realities. 'Regaining earlier lost realities,
which exceed the norm', would be a far more accurate description!


The 'end level', as it was seen in those early S.O. days of
OT research, was called 'OT8'. It had designated as its EP,

In these beginning days of OT research into Applied OT Abilities
we continued to strand on something 'mysterious', later known
as the NOTS and OT8 Banks. These kept on 'getting in the way'.
The early Class 10-12 research started to dissolve these Banks,
our really being aware of that fact at that time! The LRH NOTS
development fully resolved the first lot of these Banks in the late
70's. The contents and the steps to blow the subsequent set of Banks,
run (as far as that was possible back then) in research many years
earlier, have, as far as I'm aware, not been published. Those Banks
were later 're-discovered'.

Assigned awareness levels

The old CAUSE OVER TIME, assigned as their EP, however, is
not a fully correct reflection of the true state of affairs. Such
a level of CAUSE, although I have once attested to it, has, as far
as I know, not yet been achieved by anyone. Although it was called
that, it couldn't possibly have been the true EP of the old
time OT8, no matter what my considerations about it were at the time,
or whatever I decided at a later stage upon having rerun the level
after SOLO NOTS completion! Having myself experienced, and on occasion
as C/S or auditor seen the state experienced by others, I have not
seen this condition achieved intentionally and at will by anyone ever.
This does not mean that it never will be. I'm convinced that one day,
by the continued use of IN BASICS, it will be. This then would
mean having reached the Condition of TIMELESSNESS (at will!)
and the Case State of CAUSE OVER TIME!

The metaphysical

One can't just say that the metaphysical received no attention
from LRH. This aspect, especially in personal discussions, was
very important to him, but he did not want to publicly state
too much about these subjects, like also the 8th Dynamic, as he did
not want to put something there which could be (mis)construed as LRH
'data' and as such act as an Eval for others.

I completely disagree with Mark when he talks about the 'limited
range explored by LRH'. I have had many discussions with LRH and
cannot say that his range was 'limited'. In fact, I was always
amazed about the fantastic scope of his knowledge and his unbelievable
mastery of WORDS!

In an earlier IVy I wrote some notes about LRH in his different
hats. That, once an item or area had caught his attention, he wasn't
thorough in his investigation, is not something I ever noticed
or wrote.

That he did not publish many items which should be left to individuals
themselves to discover is something which as Tech Man I'm glad
about. That many of the things he knew as a being weren't written
down to be studied by others is very clear and obvious. He didn't
want to evaluate what students and pc's should discover in person.
At the same time he did give us the Tech to discover these very
same things for and by ourselves, like he also did for himself,
as could be seen in his own Solo Folders!

Items of a more esoteric nature frequently deal with those things
which belong purely, innately to ourselves, like for example
the realities and abilities we regain. This is regardless the later
use we may put those items to. Most of the data discovered and
by LRH seeks to restore SELF determinism. Hence he preached
for others to discover their own reality. That a lot of this
changed in later years does not alter the fact that the basic data
he published was dedicated to the discovery of Life and its Laws
by people (for) THEMSELVES!

Misused data

LRH and very advanced tech training was very much aware of the matter
of 8C. If the C of S'es wrong gones(3)
would have to be defined in a few words,
this could be done with 'harmful 8C'. The later years saw
a gradual disintegration of ARC and the arrival of a KNOWING
which was not pursued to its ultimate goal of KNOWINGNESS, but which

The user is not the tech

A lot of the above may or may not be widely known, who can say? But
it is not good practice to judge our science on its MISAPPLICATIONS,
regardless of WHO misapplied it. Even the source of the discovery
of the Scn data and its main relay point, LRH, was just as subject
to its demands as we all are!

And he too was subject to making mistakes in its application. The
running and 'planning' of the Class VIII course ('we can
make top auditors in 3 weeks!') was an example of one of the mistakes

Such mistakes were usually followed by a near endless amount of
'solutions', none of them addressing the basic problem. Others
were very often blamed for the wrong gones! Apart from being the
of this Course, I was also its first Ship's Org (then the 'Apollo')
Graduate, and really know all about the overboards from very personal
experience! The Class VIII goals of faultless duplication were,
Flag, never realised!

We All Misused the Data

Sure, the threats, etc, it is all true. But Ron, and therefore
Scn, did basically know the mistake of compulsive'control'.
Already some of the oldest data talks about a most senior of
something which squarely opposes compulsive control, i.e. the quality

That reactive effort at a later stage resulted in the conditions Mark
writes about, does not change the fact that much esoteric data about
love, faith, loyalty, allegiance, etc, did exist in the philosophy,
and that much of it was used (especially ARC and TRUST
in the old days!).

All the 'Nazi trial' stuff Mark mentions, sure, it happened,
I've personally experienced and undergone it, in fact more than most.
I've seen it. But so what! None of it makes the Tech and its
any the less valid. So, it has been misused, misapplied, yet none
of this invalidates it. The subject should not be mis-identified
with those who misused and misapplied it -WHICH IS ALL OF

Even Mark's suggestion that 'LRH apparently left this life
disillusioned and bitter' has nothing to do with the validity
of his legacy. Shakespeare already knew, 'there never was a
endureth toothache patiently'! The data is not the man. Its
is not the data.

Disillusion overcome (faith restored!)

Mark and another old friend of mine he mentions, Hanna Whitfield,
and many others did become disillusioned. Yet, I'm sure, most
of the old SO members who went through this and who survived, ended
up using our own down turn as a challenge to continue working at the
goal they had originally come into Scn with. They were working at
obtaining Freedom for themselves and others then, they are still
at it today, and they are still, each to the extent he is capable,
using the very things they got from LRH. This includes myself, this
includes Mark, this includes all my old friends, and, I'm sure, most
of the readers of IVy!

(1)by Mark Jones,IVy 14, page 20

(2)I asked Otto to amplify on this - see below. Ed.


The Flag Order was published once on Flag, but, like
a large stack of other O.J. Roos HCOB's, HCO Policy Ltrs and FO's,
written for and on behalf of LRH, has undoubtedly been cancelled.

The Conditions and their line-up are exactly the
same, i.e. nothing changed except the very top above POWER. The item
CONTROL (unmodified) is at that point. This was verbally stated
by LRH in February 1968 in Spain, in Valencia or Alicante, on Flag,
in the first AO.

LRH poked fun at individuals who were on a figure
figure about Power, and who considered that by doing the Conditions
they would soon become able to fly their bodies around, etc. He was
grinning about the abundance of Hidden Standards which were around
on the subject of 'OT'. He indicated that CONTROL is in fact
the item most closely concerned with the application of OT abilities
but that the concept of GRADIENT was something we tended to forget
in the OT Research Days. (These days and some of the things which
were done and the results actually obtained with LRH as Research C/S
were, apart from being fun and fascinating, though often on a hit
and miss basis, quite extraordinary! Some of the experiments and the
results might even still be of interest today. Since those days I
have never seen the actual OT phenomena experienced back then

The formula of CONTROL at that time was basically
SCS (Start, Change, Stop), which has since been extended to SCCS,
adding 'Continue'.

(3)A wrong gone is an action which
was not correctly completed but which went wrong due to out planning,
out execution, or both.

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