From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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New Realities

By Mark Jones, USA

Evolvement as Independents

Through the dreams and agreements we created and shared while in
the church for achieving more of our potential and helping others
do so, we generated a powerful energy. We believed that all of the
actions needed to achieve full OT abilities were laid out, and all
we had to do was create the resources to pay our way up the bridge,
and then follow the steps. Even if some 'wogs' didn't immediately
recognize our advanced state and give credence to our certainty that
there was only one path; we knew that in time, all but the real
Persons would see the light and come aboard. It all fit neatly into
place, and we were confident that as long as we kept up our stats
and our noses clean, we'd ascend. Others, seeing our state, would
ultimately fall in line and follow.

When we declared our independence, many of us felt a sense of loss
of the camaraderie and group agreements we'd enjoyed in our closed
society. While we still had access to the tech, we missed the
'Wow' we'd experienced from the acknowledgements by our teammates
when we climbed a rung in the ladder and became a higher level
being. Many who had completed virtually every action on the bridge,
but hadn't yet found Nirvana, were left with a 'what now',
and felt a sense of loneliness. Some considered that the answer lay
in picking up the bits and pieces that they may have missed along
the way, and are now doing so. Others researched earlier data, such
as that on GPMs, and found new and productive applications which
hadn't been pursued earlier.

Then there were some, obviously squirrels, who began to explore new
concepts and sources of data. Some opened their inquisitive ears to
channelling and other approaches which were designed to reach other
vibratory levels, and to release suppressed emotions at deeper levels.
Others, delved into the discoveries of quantum physics as they related
to the human psyche and our perceptions of the universe.

Vibratory frequencies

These latter approaches deal with the understanding and use of
frequencies. The range of these is vast. When we operate within the
limited range of frequencies of receptivity of our eyes, ears, nose,
skin, etc., our perceptions are very limited. Metaphysicians(1)
hypothesized that what we visualize with desire, expectancy and vivid
imagination creates future outcomes, as well as those which are
in the present. But what energies and frequencies do we use when we
visualize? How does a visualization of a future outcome lead to its
manifestation? Why do postulates work some times for some people but
not for others?

There are many bands of frequencies outside of those on which our
sensory perceptions operate. Those who successfully did the early
route one processing (see The Creation of Human Ability, by
L. Ron Hubbard) experienced a form of remote viewing. So did many
people while running the OT VI drills. In discharging secondaries
or engrams we use frequencies in the feeling band, which are quite
different from those we use in logic and reasoning. So, likewise are
those we use when we dream, imagine or visualize different.

Beings apparently move into different frequency bands when they
die or ascend. It appears possible for communciation to be set
up between beings who are operating in one frequency band with
those in another. Tuning is required on both ends of the line for
communication to occur. Some people are more receptive and learn to
do this more easily than others. Some are blocked by beliefs that
it can't be done, or that anything which can't be sensed with their
physical senses is unreal. Yet, some are able to communicate as
quite easily. As an example, one of the most highly trained and
respected Flag Captains was able to accomplish this after reading
a book and getting a little coaching over a two week period.

Exploration outside the physical range

Do beings operating in frequency ranges have anything to offer those
operating with the human sensory range? Some who have implicitly
had faith in LRH's insights as providing all of the data and
needed for our evolvement might say no. Others have felt an urge to
explore further.

Each person has every right to discover his or her own path to
To the degree that these can be shared, some of the sense of
commonality of purposes and expansion of viewpoints that we formerly
enjoyed may be regained.

Further explorations have revealed to many that learning to use
outside of the physical range is essential for evolvement. What we
may have called 'our case', or 'our shadow', the deeply
impeded limitations and negativity that we have, can only be found
and dealt with by using frequencies outside the physical range. Our
dreams, the meanings of which are not always clear, and our
provide means of finding and dealing with vital facets of what we
may have called our 'case'. Our Karma is our continuing resolve
to ultimately handle our limitations and blockages to full OT or
to higher states and abilities to operate on a much wider band of
frequencies up to static.

Virtually all of the channelled sources agree that major changes are
and will be occurring in the width and range of frequencies
of human's receptivity during this decade. The narrowing of the
human frequency reception range to its present limited band is
being reversed. Over the last millennia, what has been called male
energies operating in the frequencies of logic and reason has
This has been expressed as desire to be in control using force
as necessary. Now the energies at frequencies which are sometimes
given the name of female energies are coming in much more strongly.
These relate to creativity, imagination, love and compassion. As a
result, reprogramming is occurring in the human psyche to expand
its range of receptivity.

Channelled sources confirm what Shamans and many other metaphysicians
have maintained for centuries, that the earth is also a living
The elements of air, fire, water and earth changes are its vehicles
of expression and alignment. It too will be experiencing great changes
during this period. A conjunction of an alignment of the brightest
star Sirius, said to be the entry point of the energies of this
are coming into an alignment that has not occurred since 60,000
years ago. The earth has entered a period of cleansing itself using
its elements of fire, air, water and earth changes to bring about
a higher level of survival and harmony within itself. For some, these
may come as disasters, while for others, as a part of a powerful

For interested readers who would like transcript of notes of a Lazaris
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1 the branch of philosophy that tries to explain reality and
Study of the real nature of things. ... World Book Dictionary

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