From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Philosophical Viewpoints

By Todde Salen, Sweden

DUGA - how it didn't start

Editors Note: I have been quite impressed by the group, DUGA,
which Todde has built up. There are not that many members, but most
have been with it for some years, and have diligently worked their
way up from almost nothing to being trained philosophers and sorting
out confusions in their lives (= bringing order on their dynamics).
At various times he has told me of various principles he used, and
I felt his ideas and experience would be valuable to others, both
as good ideas, and as things which did not work and should perhaps
be avoided or done differently. Therefore I have been pressuring him
for some months to write it up so we could publish it. Last IVy's
Philosophical Viewpoints was the start (I was surprised at the way
it was written). Now comes the following letter (edited slightly)
which explains his dilemma. Whether it explains anything else,
you must read it to find out. If it raises questions, please send

I would very much like to write about how DUGA got started and the
whys behind it being what it is, with the purpose of trying to teach
others what I have done.

The reason I haven't done this is that I am starting to realize that
I am not able to write it at all. What I am trying to say is that
I have actually tried to do just that (make a 'hat write-up')
with the members of DUGA for 10 years already and so far I have
not really been successful enough to feel that I have accomplished
this goal. By now I have learned that I must teach by 'internships'
as well as by performing by example and by hand-holding etc., etc.

There's a lot of teaching that I am doing that (as far as I
can see) is basically impossible to get across only by written words.
There is a 'doingness teaching' that I have learned the hard
way that I am not able to get across by communicating by words alone.
So my efforts to 'teach the successful actions of DUGA' by
writing have been given up. I know I cannot do it. I was helped
to realize that by being asked to do it. I have started and tried
to, but I know it is not enough. Nobody will ever be able to duplicate
what I have done by only reading. I will refuse to give myself a
purpose by trying. I have realized I cannot do it and that ends that
cycle of action as far as I am concerned.

Cycles of action are needed to do DUGA

Well ... that is exactly what DUGA is all about. To try to teach the
students to DO DUGA!

The article I wrote, 'Before starting DUGA' (IVy 15
page 25), is what I wrote on impulse when I had failed to do the 'hat
write-up'. It is everything I did not really want to write. I
have not censored it to remove my 1D pride from it. It probably does
not teach anybody much of anything. But when I was asked to write
something on the subject, this was the result.

I do feel that I have unique ideas about 'How to run a 'road to
truth' group'. 'Not meditating anybody that has not had at
least theory training on the level before getting into session on
that level' is one such unique idea. Another is to not sell any
solo route, but only training routes to OT. As far as I am concerned,
the solo route to OT does not work. It does at times create a
OT, but most often not even that.

However, we do have ex-SCNists in our group and always have had. What
we did do was that, once the group was started, we disconnected from
everything that had any connection with the Cof$ including all
on Cof$ lines. If somebody approached us from the Cof$ we considered
them to be PTS until they had disconnected fully (being declared
but at least asking for refund of all money paid and not used in the

Another successful unique thing is that we communicate with ARC
at all times (try to at least.) This means a new student Meditor(1)
has an old experienced Meditor by his side
when he is delivering meditation of processes he has not yet mastered
professionally. This particular unique idea is a real why behind our
success in training. We have, so far, nobody who has stopped
Meditation that once started. (There are about a dozen Meditors that
we have trained so far.) That is KRC triangle applied

We have a new Comm Course drill (TR 5) that we use whenever ARC goes
down between 2 people (or more). We even use it when a
relationship goes sour. And we solve all 'case problems' by
making sure the person continues forwards on our 'Road to Truth'.
We never reward a down-statistic (like an ARC-broken student or
with Live Meditation.


I have been asked: 'What was my motivation?'

Well, I was trained to deliver workable technology. I never desired
to stop doing that. Yet I was stopped quite effectively by the Cof$
in many ways. One way they stopped me was by declaring me SP. Another
by giving me a huge freeloader bill. Yet another way was by demanding
that I deliver the tech 'their way' (which was so alterised
from what I knew really worked that I really did not want to have
anything to do with it.)

But my real motivation was (and is), that I am an old buddhist that
has waited for Maitreya to come and give the next programme to teach
to the planetary population to move our civilisation closer to
of its purpose. From LRH and his out-Ethics church I have been able
to learn a few tricks to speed up ones progress on 'the Road to
Truth'. SCN happened to be just what I needed and wanted to forward
my basic purposes for existing on this planet.

I never had any 'feeling of horror at seeing good tech spoiled(2).'
All I saw was an opportunity for me to move closer towards my own
goals and purposes. My whole beingness and personality has been
geared to perform what is now being done.

As a kid

Since I was a very small kid I have had a vision that I was only
aware of. I knew that one day I would sit and receive people who would
come to me to get something. When I was younger I did not understand
at all why anybody would come to me at all. Only after I was trained
and expelled from the Cof$ have I understood why anybody would come
to me at all. Originally all I knew was that some people had a reason
to try to get to me, but I had no idea about what or why.

Today, when I have been helped in developing the ideas behind the
3 kingdoms and have established our DUGA group, I can understand
what I saw when I was young a lot better. And I understand Hubbard's
'Original Formula' (see Tech Dictionary) a lot better.

Today I am (my 1D) a willing servant to my true (1U) goals and
I know today that by serving, my 1D can become happy and it will
my 1U to also reach happiness.

I am still convinced that every effort to try to teach the DUGA WAY
to others by writing only is doomed to failure.

DUGA means 'to do' and in Swedish also means 'will
do' or 'proper and adequate'. I personally feel that DUGA
means KRC and that is the only meaning of the word that matters to

(1)Meditor is similar to auditor or faciliator or practitioner.
Meditation similar to auditing.ED.

(2)A phrase from my letter when I was trying to get him to write. Ed.

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