From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Kemp's Column

By Raymond Kemp, USA

The way things were - and are?

Every now and then I get the idea for a story, an article or even
a book by concocting an opening line and I recently thought: What
if the National Enquirer, or some other 'scandal sheet'
paper came out with the headline:

L. Ron Hubbard returns. Five year old child in Bombay claims
to be the reincarnation of the founder of Scientology.

Apart from the obvious confusion this would raise, it also led me
to wonder what he would teach this time round, and that led me to
take an inventory of what he did teach over the years, categorized
as systems of help for fellow humans.

Forty two years ago, when I was just beginning to practice what L.
Ron Hubbard was teaching, I and others were willing to take on any
area of society that we observed could use some help. We were I guess,
pioneers, full of confidence, and enthusiasm, and the miracles that
were produced were accepted by us as 'that is what is supposed
to happen'.

Today I observe that most practitioners are mainly concerned with
'Becoming OT', or inventing new tech, or trying to put
together a group (often in order to demonstrate that Ron didn't have
it all, or even that Ron was wrong and we are right).

I see a plethora(1) of groups and isms, each trying,
and it seems desperately sometimes, to get people to join, because
'this is the way'.

In all fairness the current holders of the Scientology Organisation
do exactly that, in fact they may even have started it, but be that
as it may, there is a definite thrust to 'Join', to 'Try
it my way'.

Of course society has changed, three new generations have risen,
each with their own alteration of standards and mores, and I wonder
what might have happened if LRH had started Dianetics in 1990. Would
it have spread so fast? Would it have been the same? I do not know.

Clearing Procedures.

Yes, they exist now and are totally workable when done ... Trouble
is that no sooner was this achieved than alterisnes came in and new
solutions to inaccurate performance was installed.

Dianetic principles in hospitals, emergency operations and childbirth
... this is being used fairly broadly in some manner or other by
many hospitals.

But what else did we use 'back then'?

Touch assists for injuries, as a first aid.

SCS and 8C, for people who were out of control,
drunk, high, or even into a psychotic break.

These were also used to enhance the performance of
athletes, even Olympic standard athletes.

They were also used on animals with great success.

Whole track recall, useful for lawmakers to realize
that the laws they pass today, they will have to live with next time

Study technology, handles the problems of the educationally
retarded, as well as increasing the normal study retention while
decreasing the study time.

ARC Straightwire, handles emotional stress.

Creative processing, can be used to enhance any ability
one has, or to relieve the stress of frustration or inability.

I recently took an eight year old baseball pitcher
and coached him by having him mock up a tube or a tunnel leading from
his hand to the strike zone. He now pitches a near perfect game at
a speed of 75 m.p.h. The rest of the league hate it.

Energy beams as in Scientology 8-80. No real
value in knocking policemen's helmets off their heads at 40 paces
or having a 'cloud steering' competition - but it was a lot of fun.

Data series and Targeting series. I have a list of
businesses all over the world who are enjoying success from having
learned to apply these.

Do it now, and the cycle of action, has helped thousands
of mothers and housewives bring order into a chaotic 'normal'

And the list can go on and on. ARC Break theory and handling, granting
of beingness, KRC, witholds and missed withholds, overt act /
sequence (Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan?), DED/DEDex, havingess
and so forth. All these were in daily use by the auditors of old,
and everything worked as predicted when done.

These were the tools of the trade for anyone who wanted to help
his fellow man. They didn't have to be church members, or go to
ethics for clearance to do these things. There was no penalty if you
screwed up, only sometimes a stern warning to get it right next
time, followed by some advice on how to correct the errors you had

As a result, the profession of a scientologist was a joyous one. We
were proud of what we were able to do. There was no mystery about
it, no ulterior motive, no watching for the enemy. To quote, 'We
had met the enemy, and it was us', so we decided peace and went
on doing what we enjoyed doing.

I believe that if everyone in the field of help, including those
who are currently regimented by religious codes and orders, simply
took the tools and started on helping their fellow, and did not dwell
so heavily on  'Getting off the continuous cycle of birth and
rebirth', or OT, or 'trying to solve the mysteries of life,'
then everyone would be better off.

Show that help is possible

Show people that help is real, and is available, repair their lives,
and set them on the road to clear, and they will recognise the help,
and, when ready, will want to go clear. You can help them. The tools
exist and are not only for the elite.

(1)plethora: 1. Excessive fullness; too much; superabundance.
World Book Dictionary

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