From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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by Terry E. Scott, England

Buy one another

Look, how many times do you go to the Yellow Pages and look up a
or musician or photographer or accountant or whatever?

'Flow power to a power,' said L. Ron Hubbard. He also had
a blazer badge that I spotted in HASI London in 1958 with the motto
clear and sure: 'Help one another'.

Let us Independents help one another in everyday things as well as
in auditing and training. For the recession still has not lifted from
Britain. It is at work again on the European mainland. But surely
we can help one another? I had this idea after contacting an
and I realised I hadn't really mentioned to the person what my skills
are, what I might do to help that individual's business.


Suppose I plan a function for a Saturday a few weeks ahead, and I
want a pianist. Fine: good old Yellow Pages. And a musician who is
a total stranger, even if he might be a good fellow. Money in his
pocket. All right. Yet why not consider using an Independent who is
a pianist and give him or her the job?

Help one another. Flow power to power.

How can it be made practicable?  My computer database contains quite
a few names and addresses of Independents, built up in connection
with conferences. Held securely, I might add.  Tell me what you
do. The skills and so forth that you would offer other Independents.

I will produce a list of names, addresses and services on offer.
There will be no fee: all I shall ask is that, along with the
sent to me, a self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed. If someone
wants to be really friendly, enclose a few blank sheets of A4 size

Then the list will be circulated to all respondents - potentially,
everyone on my mailing list. Then it is up to people to make their

Next time I need a musician for a function...I'll certainly consider
my good friend at Loughborough and, if he can deliver what is needed
and wanted, at an agreeable price, power will help power, in each
direction. Next time Joe in Eastbourne needs a motor mechanic: 'Hey!
There is an Independent on Terry's list who specializes in Volvo!
Great - I shall talk to him'. Joe would get the services of
a mechanic who is likely to be more ethical than average, more in
present time than average, more etcetera than average.

Anyone need book revision, photography, creative writing?

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