From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 16 - April 1994
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Enid Vien

The following is an extract from a communication
that Enid sent out the 24th January 1994. Her address is at the end,
and you are very welcome to contact her for more data and the full
document. Enid is being attacked legally by the church and welcomes
all kinds of support. A fuller letter from Enid, details of the legal
case (which at the moment Enid has lost) and amplifying comments,
appear in the current issue of The Free Spirit.  Ed.

For most of you in the Church of Scientology Ron was your teacher,
guru, leader and Commanding Officer. To me he was my dear friend
and comrade!

All our correspondence was secret because he needed people in the
field to keep him informed of what was going on. In the 70's I telexed
him to let him know that the orgs were upsetting people in droves
with postulate checks and crash regging. It was promptly stopped.
Those responsible were disciplined.

When in 1981 I became nervous of the activity in the Mission Network,
I sent him the usual telegram, I had no reply, I became nervous and
suspicious, especially when I received a letter from the LRH 'You
can always write to me' line which was not signed or answered
in his style by someone who obviously did not know who I was.

In 1982 I resigned, convinced that Ron had been taken out of the game
by those who did not understand the real game.

My instructions and agreement with Ron were that I would wait until
I saw that the Church was stagnating or becoming a cult where he was
deified and go public.

I am now doing that.

He gave me, and several others who I do not know, the task of
ethics and research.

He also stated that I should make this public only if I felt the time
was right or I became compromised by attack by the Church, and
then only after long consideration.

The time is now!

All persons who consider themselves Scientologists or
(Expanded Scientologists) are hereby offered founding membership in
the International Association of Dynamists for a nominal donation,
regardless of past offences committed before today against the
field, Scientology, Ron or the spiritual progress of mankind.

Rev. End Vein / Dynamism
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